CIAYO Corp Presents CIAYO Comic Rewards with Grand Prize Black Shark 2

With the loyalty rewards program, all users will get a chance to win big prizes and enjoy premium content for free.
2019-12-18 13:23 1094

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Dec. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- CIAYO Comics, the first comic platform developed by Indonesians, has launched its loyalty program, CIAYO Comics Rewards – a customer loyalty program of point collecting, where over 7 million users have the chance to win various prizes. The program is ongoing until December 20th, 2019 and will give away diverse exceptional gifts, including the new feature, CIAYO Key, and the grand prize of gaming phone, Black Shark 2.

CIAYO Comics Rewards is a customer loyalty program of point collecting, where over 7 million users have the chance to win various prizes.
CIAYO Comics Rewards is a customer loyalty program of point collecting, where over 7 million users have the chance to win various prizes.

Through CIAYO Comics Rewards program, for one month since November 23rd, 2019, each CIAYO Comics application user is invited to answer some trivia on comic displayed during the day. A scroll, or a special term for point used by CIAYO Comics Rewards is awarded for every right answer. The collected points or scrolls could be exchanged for gifts every day, and especially for CIAYO Plus+ paying user, they could exchange their rewards with special prizes, such as a retro Gameboy, Amazfit Bip, keyboard gaming, and even up to the Grand Prize of Shark 2 Pro.

Each reward or prize requires different amounts of scrolls. The higher the value of the gift, the more scrolls are needed. "Every day, users can collect maximum 250 scrolls, that can be exchanged to various prizes. They can even win with only one time playing. To get the Black Shark 2, CIAYO Comics users need to collect up to 6,250 scrolls or the equivalent of answering 125 trivia," said Tonny Hanggoro, Head of Marketing CIAYO Comics.

Aside from The Grand Prize of Black Shark 2, CIAYO Comics Rewards could also be exchanged for the newest feature of CIAYO Comics, namely CIAYO Key. CIAYO Key is a digital currency in CIAYO Comics application that could be used to access various exclusive comics of CIAYO Comics premium features. CIAYO Key allows each CIAYO Comics' user to gain early access and be the first reader of the newest premium CIAYO Comics, without the need of subscribing to our paying CIAYO Comics PLUS+.

To collect the CIAYO Key, each user must complete sets of quests and challenges of questions available in the CIAYO Comics application. Users only need to do a daily login, share contents, watch videos, and CIAYO Key point will be collected based on the solved quests.

Tonny added, this effort also aims to open more business opportunities from across industries to collaborate with CIAYO Comics. "We offer a platform for them to do the branding in CIAYO Comics, and to be easily seen and captured by over 7 million users of CIAYO Comics."

With the presence of CIAYO Key, CIAYO Comics also hopes to create a lifelong interest for Indonesian people to read, as well as to attract more businesses to work together with CIAYO Comics.

About CIAYO Corp:

CIAYO Corp started as an intellectual property development business with digital comic application CIAYO Comics in 2016. CIAYO Comics became the first national digital comic platform in Indonesia. CIAYO Corp also runs a game development studio, CIAYO Games under its umbrella, and collaborating with prominent animation studio and game studio, respectively Kumata Studio and Agate Studio. CIAYO Games launched the mobile arcade game "CHIPS: Monster Tap!" which was nominated in Indonesia Game Contest by Google Play and The Best Mobile Game of The Year by Popcon Asia 2017. Operating as a media, CIAYO Corp runs CIAYO Blog to publish contemporary pop culture issues that reaches more than 100.000 readers every month.

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