Indonesian-designed Character from CIAYO Corp Reveals its International Debut

Now the Chips' cheerful character can be found on the latest series of leading pen tablet from Huion.
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JAKARTA, Indonesia, Aug. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- CIAYO Corp newly begins its collaboration with the China's leading graphic tablet, Huion, to showcase its IP character, Chips, into the latest pen tablet product, the Huion HS64 SE. The curation highlights the cheerful duckling character of Chips, that is best described the younger market of Huion product. The collaboration has been announced globally in Cebu, Philippines, with a product launch in Indonesia held on August 6, 2019. The Chips-designed pen tablet series is now available in United States, China, and Southeast Asia. 

(Left to right) Victorio Primadi CEO CIAYO Corp, Kc Leong from Huion Singapore, Lydia Dhaki Owner of Dragon Capital Centre, Grace and Robby from Bekraf at Huion X Chips Launching in Jakarta, August 6 2019.
(Left to right) Victorio Primadi CEO CIAYO Corp, Kc Leong from Huion Singapore, Lydia Dhaki Owner of Dragon Capital Centre, Grace and Robby from Bekraf at Huion X Chips Launching in Jakarta, August 6 2019.

Manufactured a totally different pen tablet models ever, the collaboration is foresight to leverage the user's creativity by emphasizing the positive spirit of the Chips' iconic duckling character. "It's an honor that among other international creations, they choose us to represent the new image. This is a game changer for us to reinforce our brand internationally and to prove that Indonesian-made IP will bring positive impact to the wider creative community on a global stage," said Khrisnawan Adie, Head of Business Development CIAYO Corp.

To playfully wink the positive energy, vibrant yellow and black hue dominates the Chips' duckling character in the newest Huion pen tablet design. Khrisnawan added, "Yellow is often associated with creativity, while black is sensing to represent authority. We create this character to visualize the power of creativity and whimsical ideas to attract creative minds behind the market of Huion HS64 SE."

Huion HS64 SE is a mini drawing tablet, providing instant response to any pen movement and stylus sensitivity. Compatible with OS and Android, the device allows people to execute and share their creative ideas, anytime and anywhere. "Remarkable stories behind the Chips' character are entitled to any magical moment, when an idea comes and executed with a handy sophisticated HS64 SE's device," said Khrisnawan.

The other two supporting characters, Coco and Crockets, will be part of the upcoming Huion's pen tablet series, planned to be release at the end of 2019.

A whimsical story of Chips derives from the original story of CIAYO Comics, titled Chips & Co. The story emphasizes on the magnificent journey of Chips, with two supporting characters, Coco and Crocket, in a magical world of Chammyland. Following a success in comics, it was later adapted into a mobile game by CIAYO Games, namely Chips: Monters Tap! Game. In 2017, the mobile game version won the PopCon 2017's Best Mobile Game award and listed as the 15 Best Games by Google Play Store.  

"Our achievement has set new creative approaches to attract international-minded enterprises to collaborate with the local-made IP. This aims to be a stepping stone to prove our existence, that the quality of Indonesian-made IP is highly competitive, or even better," said Khrisnawan.

CIAYO Corp is also expecting to gather collaboration with tech enterprises, startups and small and medium businesses (SMEs). For instance, through the new application of local IP at a forthcoming partnership with a leading smart phone brand.

In 2019, CIAYO Corp has arranged over 10 major partnerships with leading industry players, including a huge local game developer, Agate studio, the largest digital content reward ecosystem in Southeast Asia and MFun. "We show a never-ending commitment, to continuously build a thriving platform for Indonesian tech, comics, and gaming communities to expand their network globally," Khrisnawan concluded. 

About CIAYO Corp:

CIAYO Corp started as an intellectual property development business with digital comic application CIAYO Comics in 2016. CIAYO Comics became the first national digital comic platform in Indonesia. CIAYO Corp also runs a game development studio, CIAYO Games under its umbrella, and collaborating with prominent animation studio and game studio, respectively Kumata Studio and Agate Studio. CIAYO Games launched the mobile arcade game "CHIPS: Monster Tap!" which was nominated in Indonesia Game Contest by Google Play and The Best Mobile Game of The Year by Popcon Asia 2017. Operating as a media, CIAYO Corp runs CIAYO Blog to publish contemporary pop culture issues that reaches more than 100.000 readers every month.

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