ClassIn's Sara Gu Foregrounded Future Learning Trends at EdTech Asia Summit 2022

SINGAPORE, Nov. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- On October 27, Sara Gu, Co-Founder and COO of ClassIn, delivered an inspiring talk on "The Evolution of EdTech–Driving Both Growth and Outcomes in Asia" at EdTech Asia Summit 2022. Joined by the Founder of Elementary Capital Diana Gan and Kaizenvest's Sandeep Aneja, Gu drew on extensive industry experience to share post-pandemic learning trends and the greater impact of edtech in the region.

Founded in 2014, EEO's ClassIn is now the world's largest edtech company with more than five million monthly active users. The company secured its over $50 million Series B round from Ince Capital in July 2020 and $265 million in a Series C round of financing led by Hillhouse Capital's venture capital unit GL Ventures the same year in November.

"The future of education will be hybrid," Gu reflected on how the pandemic gave rise to the shift. "Teachers and students took the initiative to seek online solutions, which can in fact integrate with and bring value to brick-and-mortar classrooms."

Gu also highlighted the pivotal role of collaboration in future learning. "Education builds on active collaboration in every class, and that's why we developed ClassIn to be incredibly engaging…but collaboration extends beyond the classroom," she emphasized. "The teacher community is looking for better ways to work together on designing effective and creative lesson plans, in-class activities, and more."

In a coming round of product launch, the company is presenting the revolutionary TeacherIn, a platform that takes on the open and sharing spirits of GitHub for educators to collaborate with access to vast academic resources.

Exploring how edtech brought about long-term changes, the panel has already observed promising outcomes in Asia.

According to Gu, practices of hybrid learning afford valuable opportunities to push forward education equity, further breaking down the barriers to access. In addition, as different regions of the world adapt to an uncertain landscape, edtech platforms have been critical in assisting individuals with upskilling on their journey of lifelong learning.

More importantly, as panelists drew the audience's attention to the wellbeing of learners, Gu touched on the very purpose of education. "Education is not just for getting jobs but to make us better versions of ourselves…In learning, we can find fulfilment that helps ground us," Gu said.

Source: EEO