EdTech Company ClassIn Pledged Support for Inclusive Hiring as Business Expands in Singapore

SINGAPORE, Nov. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- At the November 3rd HCS-SG Enable Masterclass: The Greater Good For All, ClassIn proudly participated in the Milestones Celebration of the Movement for Normalizing Diversity and Inclusion. Recognized as an HR Powerbank Early Adopter, the edtech company affirmed its commitment to implement inclusive hiring practices as business grows in Singapore.

HR Powerbank, an initiative launched by Human Capital Singapore (HCS) in October 2021, is dedicated to providing training and employment opportunities in the field of human resource for persons with disabilities (PwDs). Equipped with the HR Professional Skills Qualification (PSQ), a 576-hour program focusing on Learning by Doing, the first batch of graduates were officially conferred as Certified HR Administrators (CHRA) at the HCS-SG Enable Masterclass.

"It was a very empowering experience," Yuekun Li, Head of Global Business Development at ClassIn, reflected. "To witness these individuals overcome the circumstances they were born into and receive such high level recognition by the leaders of this country is a great honor. Their stories are inspiring, and their spirits are precious."

Representing ClassIn at the event, Li announced the company's dedication to disability inclusion in hiring. "There are plenty of roles that they could fill…Our work in education is aimed to improve people's lives through lifelong learning, and now we pledge to offer work to those whose lives can be improved through a simple opportunity," he said.

Founded in 2014, EEO's ClassIn is now one of the world's largest edtech companies with more than five million monthly active users. The company secured its over $50 million Series B round from Ince Capital in July 2020 and $265 million in a Series C round of financing led by Hillhouse Capital's venture capital unit GL Ventures the same year in November.

ClassIn's attendance at the event also signaled the strategic importance of Singapore in its business landscape.

According to Li, "Our commitment to develop our business and our homebase in Singapore is of long-term nature, and we believe in doing our part to make Singapore a better, more inclusive, and kinder society."

Source: EEO