Entering Latin America, one big step for Duubee

2018-06-20 23:05 1577

BOGOTA, Colombia, June 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Duubee E1 launches in Colombia, this is the first of many in which Duubee plans to launch in the Latin America market.

In order to enter the Latin America market, Duubee has taken all preparation to establish itself in the country of Colombia and working to be deeply rooted in Latin America. On June 18, Duubee signed a distribution agreement with CELISTICS, provider of intelligent logistics and distribution solutions for the consumer technology industry, which will help Duubee distribute products for Latin America. At the same time, in order to provide the best service to customers, Duubee has set up several after-sales network in Colombia earlier.

Under the globalization strategy, Duubee is making inroads in U.S., where the competition is fierce, as its first step to enter the America market. "Duubee focused on producing quality products with the consumer in mind. Together with our strong R&D, production quality, supply chain system, Duubee will enhance the user experience with high-quality products that will lead the industry trend in the future", said CEO of Duubee.

In addition to the retail channels, Duubee's cooperation with mainstream U.S. carriers is also on the way.

"Duubee is a company driven by its mission and vision. With strong end to end ability, Duubee will inevitably push the boundaries of the industry as a result", said the CEO of Duubee U.S.

Duubee's R&D team have rich experience in the global market. They are familiar with industrial trends and customer needs as well as skillful in defining consumer products. "Duubee's full range of products will use Qualcomm processor - with low power consumption, fast speed and multi - task capability, giving customer a smooth user experience", said R&D Director of Duubee.

Key features of Duubee E1 include:

  • A powerful, faster and more personalized mobile experience.
  • New interpolated front & rear cameras with fast shutter function.
  • A slim body design with ultra-thin bezel in the front and elegant metal wire drawing finishing at the back.
  • 5.0-inch HD Display offers an immersive digital experience.
  • Quadcore snapdragon processor and enhanced computing architecture.
  • All-new Duubee OS 1.0 based on Android 7.1 nougat.

"This will be a perfect starter for us in the Latin America market". Duubee showing its ambition.

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