First Luxury Brand to Debut Product on WeChat Mini Program

The mini program enables the world debut of a limited-edition handbag jointly created by an influential fashion blogger and a luxury brand
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GUANGZHOU, China, June 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The Tod's jointly-designed limited-edition bag unveiled on June 26 marks the first time that a luxury brand has launched a world premiere through a WeChat mini program created by and for a fashion blogger.

Fashion blogger and one of China's most popular influencers Tao Liang, better known as Mr. Bags, and luxury brand Tod's will debut the product on "Baoshop", a WeChat Mini Program which allow for a more personal touch and a seamless "reading-to-shopping" experience.

Screenshot of the "Baoshop" page
Screenshot of the "Baoshop" page

Shopping experience for four million fans

The "Baoshop" mini program is a "limited-time exclusive pop-up shop" specially created for shoppers by Tao Liang.

On the "Baoshop" mini program, shoppers can learn more about the product, and complete the purchase directly via WeChat Pay. The seamless process assures shoppers of an efficient and friendly buying experience.

As one of the most powerful influencers in China, Tao Liang boasts over four million followers. These followers, who generally have high purchasing power, had, in the past, often complained of a less-than-positive user experience when shopping on H5 page, an HTML5 mini site meant to optimize user experience. Tao Liang said the convenience and asset-light weight of the mini program perfectly fits with user expectations. The mini program not only provides users with a more reliable, convenient and high-quality shopping channel, but also is a new effort at transitioning the sales of the luxury goods from offline to online.

Mini programs drive sales across the luxury segment and lead to new fans economy model in China

The luxury sector in Chinese market is actively developing e-commerce, and mini programs have become an important part of the sector's roadmap to connect luxury brands and shoppers.

With the convenience of mini programs and the influence that fashion bloggers have among the buying public, luxury brands can "approach" potential shoppers and better understand them, and, once they have done so, continue to refine how they interact with the shoppers.

Mini programs are also a good conversion platform for a new economic model that is emerging in China, referred to as the fans economy. By joining hands with luxury brands, Tao Liang, backed by his four million followers, used Baoshop to launch the "shopper-tailored" limited-edition handbag. By way of the platform, he integrated WeChat Pay and his official accounts, and connected online and offline shopping scenarios.

The WeChat team said they will continue to provide more and better digital "toolboxes" for various brands and merchants, and enhance a more diversified ecosystem, where influencers and brands can better serve their buyers and fans.

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