Fortemedia Holds Voice Interface Portal Seminar, Bringing New Technology to Voice Market

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SANTA CLARA, Calif., April 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Fortemedia Inc., the global leader in small array microphone and acoustic processing technology, at the end of January 2018 in Shenzhen, held a Voice Interface Portal Seminar to explore and share a variety of key voice processing technologies in increasingly broad voice interface markets. As well as announcing its opening of world-class acoustics laboratory in Shenzhen, Fortemedia can respond to customers and support partners instantly. Key speakers are invited to this great event including Patrick Cheng, CEO and Board Director of NavInfo Co., Ltd; Elwin Ho, CEO, Pachira Information Technology Co. Ltd; Elaine Huang, VP of Acoustics, Shenzhen Aoni Electronic Co., Ltd; Koji Kawakita, Principal Advisory Engineer of Lenovo Strategic Technology; Guenael Strutt, VP of Products, Elliptic Labs; Dr. KP Yang, Chairman, UnlimiterHear Incorporated. These speakers shared prestigious viewpoints in voice technology and market information along with unprecedented demonstrations in voice applications to audience.

Voice Interface Portal
The era of voice is coming eying on all the debuts of intelligent voice-enabled devices and products. From Apple's Siri, Google's voice assistant Google Assistant, to Amazon's voice assistant Alexa, these smart speakers with personal assistants have been widely discussed in the market. The artificial intelligence (AI) is well deployed, allowing machine to human communication, facilitating personal instructions to smart devices, or ever performing conversation among devices. Before voice stream is identified and analyzed for voice recognition, the key lies on voice quality, which takes noise suppression process to enhance signal and lower noise influence. If the voice is not processed and handled properly, the recognition rate could be greatly degraded. As an illustration, in a quiet environment, the voice can be clearly recognized, while in a noisy spot, speech recognition rate will be dropped significantly. Fortemedia's technology and products provide advanced noise suppression, greatly reducing background noise affection and performing crystal-clear voice quality. It brings customers a whole new trend in voice market for hands-free voice interface application even under noisy environment.

Fortemedia to Debut Advanced Acoustics Laboratory in Shenzhen, China
Fortemedia has built professional acoustics laboratories both in Nanjing and Taipei, providing best support for local customers. In light of deepening customer relationship and service, Fortemedia further launched its world-class acoustics laboratory in Shenzhen, China in Jan of 2018. Multiple laboratories can provide debugging testing services for different types of customers in different regions, and can cover a variety of different testing standards including international standards such as ITU and ETSI, or telecom carrier standards such as AT&T, Verizon, Vodafone and China Mobile, etc. Other voice quality standards defined by international leading enterprises are also included as follows: Apple CarPlay, Microsoft Cortana and Amazon AVS. With this new acoustics laboratory in Shenzhen, Fortemedia can provide real-time customer service for southern China regions. Shenzhen laboratory is equipped with a listening room and a real car acoustics lab. In addition to these three laboratories, Fortemedia and Nessie Industrial Corp jointly built a Semi-Anechoic room and a listening room. This laboratory provides another service alternative for its customers in voice performance tuning, debugging and testing.

Virtual Lab
No matter how close the test results can be between an internal laboratory and certification laboratories, the labs can sometimes be full loaded and over occupied. In addition, actual test and certification consumes considerable time. With this, Fortemedia develops a Virtual Lab, utilizing simulation as a substitution for the actual test. It greatly reduces signal processing development and testing cycles as well as the load of laboratories. Virtual Lab is not only an independent simulation system tool, but also a valuable database for all the data collection during its accumulative testing batches. Customers can summarize the effective development experience through the analysis of large database, reduce the development cycle, and improve the development efficiency.

Fortemedia, Inc.
Fortemedia, Inc., headquartered in the US Silicon Valley with global operations and offices in Asia, focuses on developing high quality solutions and semiconductor products to enhance human-to-human and human-to-machine voice communication quality and efficiencies.

As a technology leader, Fortemedia's ASIC devices and solutions with advanced voice processing technologies, SAM (Small Array Microphone), SAMSoft®, and ForteVoice®, have all been widely deployed in numerous commercial systems, devices, and applications for better user experience in voice communication. Fortemedia is well-positioned to fulfill customer and market needs in mobile (smartphone and tablet), automotive (in-vehicle infotainment system), PC (VoIP communication), and wearables, with its wide range of product offering in software, DSP IC, and small array microphone. Learn more at

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