GrabKios and Porter Collaborate to Support Traditional Store through Digital Based Logistic Service
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JAKARTA, Indonesia, Nov. 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Kudo, Indonesia's startup company that serves digital service for Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Businesses has officially transformed into GrabKios, yesterday 7 November 2019. Located in SMESCO Indonesia building, this rebranding will increase service offerings for the biggest network of traditional stores in Indonesia, which includes phone credit and bills payment, gold saving, and package delivery.

GrabKios and Porter Collaborate to Support Traditional Store through Digital Based Logistic Service.
GrabKios and Porter Collaborate to Support Traditional Store through Digital Based Logistic Service.

GrabKios also announced strategic collaboration with their logistic partner, Porter. Porter is the first digital logistic company in Indonesia that participates in promoting traditional stores. Through this partnership with Porter, GrabKios stores can now operate as micro post offices where customers can send packages to anywhere in Indonesia from any GrabKios stores; GrabKios store owners also get up to 25% commission from each transaction. Other benefits for GrabKios stores when using Porter are:

  • Easy booking process via mobile application
  • Flexible and free pick up service 
  • Insured Shipping  

Nacitta Kanyandara, Head of Commercial and Business Expansion GrabKios, mentioned that: "Having Porter as GrabKios partner not only helping to boost the growth of traditional store in Indonesia but also lifting Indonesia's economy starting from Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Business. In the future, we hope that GrabKios stores are able to send as well as receive packages so that store owners could have even more extra income from Porter service."  

Porter established Porter Agent program in mid-2019, partnering with Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Businesses across Indonesia. Porter Agent license is free of charge and store owners can easily sign up on the application that is available on Google Playstore. Store owners use the application to book package for delivery and schedule package pick up – making the delivery process that was formerly complex and manual become seamless and digitalized.

"We believe helping traditional stores could lift Indonesia's economy as well as promoting the welfare of the business owners as we scale and grow together," said Richard Cahyanto, CEO and Co-Founder Porter.

Based on Central Bureau of Statistics data in 2017, Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs declared that micro business including traditional stores has contributed 46% to Indonesia's economy gross domestic product. GrabKios and Porter hope to strengthen the growth of Indonesia's economy through this collaboration which today has more than 10,000 agents across Indonesia and the number keeps growing everyday.


About Porter

Porter is digital logistic company that provides various logistic solutions for businesses in Indonesia from warehousing, line-haul to last-mile delivery. Porter's mission is to promote economic equality in all parts of Indonesia by establishing an integrated logistic network across the country. Since 2015, Porter has been helping thousands business in Indonesia and collaborating together with more than 500 logistic vendor partners.


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