GWM New Energy Strategy Boosts Sales Surge

BAODING, China, May 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- On May 8, GWM released the latest sales data. This April, GWM sold 93,107 vehicles, with a year-on-year increase of 73.14%. The number of new energy vehicles (NEVs) sold reached 14,863, up 284.06% year-on-year (YoY).

GWM New Energy Strategy Boosts Sales Surge
GWM New Energy Strategy Boosts Sales Surge

Under the trend of accelerating transformation of new energy in the global automobile industry, GWM, a global intelligent technology company, has rapidly integrated into the trend of intelligent NEVs. As a result, GWM's sales volume for NEVs continues to grow steadily.

GWM has launched different new energy product lines in the global market, such as HAVAL H6 PHEV, H6 HEV, JOLION HEV, GWM TANK300 HEV, GWM TANK500 HEV, and WEY Coffee 01. Those models have attracted consumers with their outstanding performance and intelligence-based experience.

The rich variety of products in GWM's product matrix, combined with the advantages of NEVs, drives GWM's sales volume in overseas markets. In April, GWM sold 21,814 vehicles overseas, up 182.09% YoY, accounting for 23.43% of the total sales volume.

According to the latest data released by the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (NAAMSA), the sales volume of GWM HAVAL surpasses BMW and Mazda in the ranking of local automobile brands, securing a spot among the top 10.

In the Australian market, HAVAL H6 HEV and JOLION HEV have brought local consumers a new mobility experience with the intelligent technologies of NEVs. According to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries VFACTS new-car sales report, GWM's sales volume soared by 63.8% in April.

In response to the demand for green and intelligent mobility life of consumers in different regions, GWM keeps expanding its new energy product lines. During Auto Shanghai 2023, GWM displayed over 15 NEVs as their debut to the public. GWM HAVAL's new medium new energy SUV (dubbed "Fierce Dragon MAX in the Chinese market), GWM TANK400, and POER Shanhai HEV premiered globally. In the meantime, GWM held the 2023 Global Conference, introducing its global expansion, Forest Ecosystem, and future new energy strategic planning.

In the new energy field, GWM has always continuously increased investment in new technology R&D to drive product upgrading. Last year, GWM invested CNY 12.181 billion in R&D, up 34.34% on a year-on-year. By 2025, GWM will invest a total of CNY 100 billion in R&D of new energy and intelligent technologies.

At present, GWM has established new energy solutions covering pure electric, hydrogen energy, and hybrid. To meet consumers' diverse needs, GWM has recently released many advanced technologies, including Hi4 (Hybrid intelligent 4WD) and off-road super hybrid architecture Hi4-T. GWM's frequent release of new technologies and products has solidified its image as new energy and intelligent car makers.

Going forward, GWM will steadily advance its new energy transformation strategy and keep consolidate Forest Ecosystem. GWM will introduce more intelligent new energy models globally to provide a more "Greener, Higher, Safer" experience with advanced technology.

Source: GWM