Hi Voice launches service for reforming Japanese videos into other foreign languages

Hi Voice
2019-08-29 14:54 1845

SEOUL, South Korea, Aug. 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Hi Voice, a company specializing in foreign language, provides one-stop services ranging from translation and editing foreign languages, and recording and production of foreign language narration videos including those in English. Recently, Hi Voice launched a service for reforming Japanese language videos into foreign languages by utilizing the Voice Remover technology.

Production of promotional videos in foreign languages at reasonable cost through the application of voice remover technology
Production of promotional videos in foreign languages at reasonable cost through the application of voice remover technology

The company has also been drawing enormous attention as it supports the service of reforming Japanese language videos into foreign language videos.

Hi Voice is a service that removes only the Japanese narration while leaving the background music and sound effects through the application of Voice Remover technology. This assists with production of foreign language promotional videos by inserting foreign language narration into the existing Japanese language promotional videos.

This creates convenience as, through the application, it allows the addition of foreign language material into already existing Japanese video assets without the need to make newly produced foreign language promotional videos.

We are now living in an era of public relations. Since how and to what extent promotional activities are executed are directly linked with the brand image and sales revenues of companies and public relationship plays decisive role in elevating the values of companies.

With the changing generations, methods of promotion became diversified and their scope has been globalized by transcending the boundaries of the countries. Therefore, public relations targeted at the global market, rather than limited to the domestic market, has become an essential element in business administration.

However, it is not easy to prepare promotional videos in foreign languages due to the substantial time and cost incurred in converting promotional videos produced for the domestic use into foreign language videos.

An official of Hi Voice stated that, "It is possible to produce foreign language promotional videos easily and conveniently by utilizing the existing videos without additional video production work through the Hi Voice reform service," and recommended, "Assertive utilizations of the voice remover technology of Hi Voice in your public relations activities will more easily convert Japanese language promotional videos into other foreign language promotional videos."

Meanwhile, more details on the Hi Voice reform service can be found in the official website( of the company.

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