International Water Association Recognizes SUEZ's Macao Water Supply Services as "Most Inspiring Climate Smart Case"

MACAU, Sept. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- On 15 September, during the International Water Association (IWA) Congress in Copenhagen, SUEZ's subsidiary, Macao Water, was recognized as the "Most Inspiring Climate Smart Case" under the IWA's Climate Smart Utilities Initiative Recognition Program. Additionally, the Chongqing Tangjiatuo Wastewater Treatment Project and Shanghai Chemical Industry Park Water Project, were also shortlisted among the Climate Smart Utilities finalists.

International Water Association recognizes SUEZ’s Macao Water supply services as “Most Inspiring Climate Smart Case”
International Water Association recognizes SUEZ’s Macao Water supply services as “Most Inspiring Climate Smart Case”

IWA launched the global Climate Smart Utilities Initiative to help water utilities to improve their climate resilience, accelerating the transition to a climate smart model. A jury selected the Most Inspiring Climate Smart Cases from among 56 entries, submitted from 34 countries and 2 territories.  Each entry featured significant measures against climate change across three pillars: adaDptation, mitigation, and leadership.

SUEZ has been in Macao for almost four decades. It has provided solutions for drinking water production, distribution, and customer services for the entire city of Macao, helping it preserve its water resources and reinforce its resilience. The company's smart solutions, excellent operational management, achievements in addressing local climate challenges, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and promotion of water conservation and science education through innovative approaches, are among the reasons Macao Water have achieved this most recent accolade.

Climate Adaptation

Due to Macao's unique geographical environment, as well as the impact of global climate change, mitigating the threat of floods and saltwater intrusion and building a water-saving smart city are key priorities. SUEZ has through Macao Water developed digital applications for emergency management to ensure all measures are strictly followed, with high efficiency, especially during extreme weather events like floods, typhoons or saltwater intrusion.

As a critical civilian infrastructure operator and public service provider in water supply, Macao Water sits on the Macao SAR Government's Civil Protection Structure to strengthen the government's disaster preparedness, emergency response and crisis management capabilities. The company's water loss rate has fallen from 18.1% in 1985 to 6.7% in 2021, a leading standard in Asia.

Climate Mitigation

The company has implemented smart systems to improve the water treatment plant's energy efficiency, reducing electricity consumption. Furthermore, using solar energy, it reduced the plant's energy footprint and lowered greenhouse gas emissions by about 16,000 tons of CO2 equivalent in 2021.

Climate Leadership

SUEZ has been part of Macao's development for nearly 40 years. The Group has implemented a clear sustainable development strategy at Macao Water to help improve Macao's urban and environmental resilience. The company is recognised as an industry leader. Its newly-built, state-of-the-art water treatment plant is the first in Macao to receive one-star certification under the Green Building Design Label. This award has boosted SUEZ's reputation for exceptional water science, while improving the entire city's water supply infrastructure.

Steve Clark, CEO of SUEZ Asia, said, "I'm delighted to see SUEZ projects in China receive recognition for their climate contributions under this prestigious international program. Smart resource management is a key component of ecological transition and climate-resilient development. As a key player in the environmental services industry, SUEZ remains committed to developing and delivering resilient and innovative solutions that leverage digital tools for green transformation and successful climate action in different parts of the world."

About SUEZ

SUEZ is a major player in environmental services. For almost 160 years, SUEZ has supported local communities and industrial companies in the management of essential services such as water and waste. As such, SUEZ produces drinking water for 66 million people worldwide, recovers 2 million tons of secondary raw materials per year, and generates 3.1 TWh of renewable energy from waste. In our ongoing management of the ecological transition and climate change challenges, SUEZ relies on the expertise and commitment of its 40,000 employees (particularly in France, Italy, Central Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia) to offer high value-added and customized environmental solutions to all its customers. SUEZ's expertise allows, for instance, its customers to avoid the emission of 4.2 million tons of CO2, thus improving their carbon footprint and their impact on climate. With a turnover of over EUR 7.5 billion in 2021 and backed by its expertise and capacity to innovate, SUEZ has strong growth prospects. SUEZ relies on a solid consortium of investors made up of Meridiam and GIP – with 40% stakes each - and the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations Group – with a 20% stake in the capital, including 8% held by CNP Assurances – to pursue its strategic development plans in France and internationally.

In Asia, SUEZ's journey began some 70 years ago, first in Southeast Asia before expanding to China nearly 50 years ago. With 6,500+ employees and 40+ joint ventures with local partners, SUEZ has built 600+ water and wastewater plants. The company also provides water and waste services to 20+ million people and delivers environmental services to 16 industrial parks. SUEZ manages China's first PPP water contract in Macao, operates one of Asia's largest hazardous waste treatment facilities in Shanghai, and has invested over RMB 4 billion in Chongqing. Today, SUEZ is recognized as one of the most influential companies and a service benchmark for leading the region's environmental industry.

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