SUEZ secures new contract in a water treatment plant project to enhance drinking water safety and reliability in Indonesia

JARKATA, Indonesia, Feb. 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- SUEZ, a leading player in water management, recently signed a contract for the Buaran III Water Treatment Plant (WTP) project in Jakarta. The Group will supply key equipment for the water treatment process and will provide technical advisory services for the installation and commissioning of the Buaran III utility. The new WTP in the Indonesian capital will enhance the resilience of the city's water supply system to provide a safe, reliable, and long-term supply of water to local communities.

SUEZ's patented technology is applied in various countries and regions globally, with projects such as the Macao Water project initiative being regarded as one of the benchmarks in the Asian water industry.
SUEZ's patented technology is applied in various countries and regions globally, with projects such as the Macao Water project initiative being regarded as one of the benchmarks in the Asian water industry.

Now, Jakarta's WTPs can treat 1.47 million cubic meters daily, supplying 65% of urban areas with clean water. The city's government is aiming for total urban clean water coverage of 100% by 2030, planning new WTPs to meet rising demand with an additional 960,000 cubic meters per day. The completion of the Buaran III WTP, expected in first half of 2025, will boost progress towards this goal. It will provide an additional 260,000 cubic meters of clean water per day to communities in Jakarta, accounting for approximately 28% of the incremental water capacity needed to meet the 2030 target.

In Jakarta, raw water turbidity can deteriorate significantly during the rainy season, severely affecting clean water availability in urban communities. As the key technology supplier in this project, SUEZ will provide essential equipment for the water treatment process, as well as technical advisory services for installation and commissioning. SUEZ's patented Densadeg™ settler and Aquazur® V filter will be used innovatively to ensure the project's water treatment capacity and quality. This is the first time that Densadeg™ is being deployed in Southeast Asia.

Francois Fevrier, CEO Water and R&R Asia of SUEZ, said, "We're delighted to establish a new partnership in Jakarta. We're proud of this milestone and thankful for our customers' and partners' trust. We look forward to the Buaran III Water Treatment Plant's completion, a testament to our strong legacy and footprint in Southeast Asia. This project reflects our dedication to creating value with technological solutions for our customers, over the entire lifecycle of their assets and services."

Since 1953, SUEZ has constructed multiple water and wastewater treatment plants across Indonesia, advocating for water services throughout Southeast Asia, with operations extending to Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, and Singapore. At the same time, SUEZ has continuously deepened its local expertise in water and waste services to pursue excellence in the sector and promote the growth of the circular economy.

About SUEZ:

Faced with growing environmental challenges, SUEZ has been delivering essential services that protect and improve our quality of life for more than 160 years. SUEZ provides its customers with innovative and resilient solutions for water and waste services. With 40 000 employees across 40 countries, the Group works with customers to create value over the full lifecycle of their assets and services, and to drive their low carbon transition. In 2022, SUEZ provided drinking water for 68 million people worldwide and sanitation services for more than 37 million people. The Group generated 7.9 TWh of energy from waste and wastewater. In 2022, SUEZ has generated revenues of 8.8 billion euros*. For more information: / Twitter @suez

*restated on a 12-month basis.

About SUEZ in Asia:

In Asia, SUEZ's journey began some 70 years ago, first in Southeast Asia before expanding to China nearly 50 years ago. With 6,500+ employees across Asia, SUEZ has built over 600 water and wastewater treatment plants. Together with our local partners, we also provide water and waste recycling and recovery services to 25+ million people and 19 industrial parks across the country. SUEZ is recognized as one of the most influential companies in China and a service benchmark for leading Asia's environmental industry. Today, SUEZ works with municipal and industrial customers in more than 30 major cities and regions across China, manages China's first PPP water contract in Macao, operates one of Asia's largest hazardous waste incineration facilities in Shanghai, and has invested over RMB 4 billion in Chongqing.

Source: SUEZ Asia