ISE 2020: BOE's commercial displays empower application scenarios

2020-02-11 20:25 1221

AMSTERDAM, Feb. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Integrated Systems Europe 2020 (ISE 2020), the most influential professional AV and systems integration show in Europe, kicked off at the RAI Amsterdam on February 11, 2020. Among the thousands of exhibitors that displayed their cutting-edge products and technologies, BOE (000725.SZ / 200725.SZ) showcased its smart retail, smart transportation, smart conference, and other innovative solutions, presenting the visitors a brand-new smart living experience.

The application of smart transportation solutions in everyday life embodies the charm of technology. At ISE 2020, BOE demonstrated its Smart Window backed by its all-new technology that can automatically adjust transmittance according to the environment. The company has creatively applied a wide range of products to transportation scenarios, such as commercial displays that show multimedia, station, and operations information in real time and energy-saving double-sided e-paper displays where ads can be updated promptly, enabling people to enjoy the convenience of smart transportation. To date, BOE's innovative display products and technologies have found applications in over 80% of high-speed railways and subways in 22 cities of China, as well as subways in Russia, Italy, and other countries.

At ISE 2020, BOE's smart retail solutions captured much attention. Featuring commercial displays that replace traditional printed labels and posters, such as video walls with a bezel width of merely 0.88mm, the narrowest in the world, a variety of bar screens suitable for diverse application scenarios, and AI-powered digital signage, BOE's smart retail solutions empower supermarkets and department stores in conjunction with backend software programs. Leveraging intelligent cameras and its cutting-edge image recognition technology and big data technology, these solutions not only help deliver a genuine self-service shopping experience through smart recommendation of commodities but also improve store management efficiency by providing shelf management, passenger flow analysis, and data management systems.

At the event, visitors could also get hands-on experience with BOE's smart conference solutions that represent the emerging trend of flexible ways of work enabled by technology. Its e-paper smart office solution, an alternative to traditional name cards and room signs for conferences, features remote multi-target update and repeated use, thus reducing paper consumption and creating an efficient and eco-friendly smart office environment. In addition, its modern conference system enables collaboration and communication within and outside an organization and can be used in a broad spectrum of scenarios such as office and business meetings.

In an age where everything is interconnected, BOE is shaping a smart life with its innovative IoT solutions by applying its world-leading display and sensor technologies to a wide range of scenarios, creating unlimited possibilities for the future.

Source: BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd.