Isetan Mitsukoshi Opens Supermarket Selling Food and Daily Goods in Chengdu, China

TOKYO, March 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd. announced on March 28 that CHENGDU ISETAN Co., Ltd., one of its footholds of the retail business in China, will open "Isetan Chengdu / ISETAN Supermarket" on April 8, 2018, inside the shopping complex "in99," which is part of the Chengdu Yintai Centre in the heart of Chengdu Financial City, Gaoxin, Chengdu. Isetan Chengdu / ISETAN Supermarket is approximately 8.5 km south of Isetan Chengdu department store. Chengdu is undergoing remarkable growth, and the supermarket will inherit the Isetan Chengdu brand value while offering safe, secure and reliable Japanese-style food to customers in Chengdu who appreciate Japanese food and food culture. The Isetan Mitsukoshi Group sincerely hopes this new food experience will enable customers to broaden and enrich their lifestyles.


Isetan Chengdu / ISETAN Supermarket, which will occupy the first basement floor of the "in99" shopping complex, will be a complex supermarket offering food and daily goods in a 2,650-square-meter space. Based on the concept of Isetan Mitsukoshi's unique "Food Safety, Security, Reliability," the supermarket zone will offer a full lineup, including fresh and chilled grocery foods, household goods and daily necessities. It will also offer specialty shops from Japan, including meat specialty store "Sugimoto," greengrocer "Korokuya," and "Tomizawa Shoten (TOMIZ)," a shop offering candy and bread-making ingredients and equipment. In addition, the food court zone will feature eight shops, including the bakery "johan" making its debut in Chengdu, and "Tonkatsu Wako," which specializes in pork cutlets. These shops ensure delicious take-out or eat-in meals.

Design Concept:

Upon entering the supermarket, a well-lit, unobstructed view welcomes you into the high-quality facilities. A stroll along the main corridor, known as "Sunny Alley," named to symbolize both a clear, sunny day and a happy day, is certain to offer new discoveries.

Store Concept:

  • "Food Safety, Security, Reliability" as fostered in the Japanese department store
  • Promote value (food lifestyle / Japanese lifestyle and food culture) to meet Chengdu customers' needs
  • A lineup closely related to Sichuan's distinctive food culture and lifestyle

Supermarket Zone:

The meat specialty store "Sugimoto" will be introduced to Chengdu for the first time and also "Tomizawa Shoten (TOMIZ)," famous for its candy and bread-making ingredients and equipment, will open. The know-how cultivated in the food department at Isetan Chengdu will allow high-level specialty shops to offer upgraded products, including green goods, fish, groceries and a local Sichuan ingredient delicatessen. Areas will also be provided for customers to experience food culture in real time, such as a juice bar, a steak bar, and a Chinese tea corner. In addition, daily necessities and miscellaneous goods for daily life will be on offer, all ensuring the convenience to enhance the customer's shopping experience.

Food Court Zone:

The food court includes eight specialty shops, including the bakery "johan" making its first appearance in Chengdu, and such shops as "Tonkatsu Wako," together with a ramen shop and a shop featuring Sichuan dishes.

The Chengdu Yintai Centre features the top-rated hotel Waldorf Astoria Chengdu, the luxury Huayue Penthouses, the stylish Huayue Residences, the shopping complex in99, and the Super-A Office Building, encompassing a total floor area of 720,000 square meters. The in99 shopping complex opened in April 2017, and will be celebrating its first anniversary with the opening of the Isetan Chengdu / ISETAN Supermarket.

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Source: Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd.