Korean franchise restaurant company Dkore launches 'All In One Korean Sauce'

Dkore, 'Bukchang-dong Soondubu’
2019-11-26 11:37 1815

SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- 'Dkore', the company of the Korean soft tofu franchise restaurant 'Bukchang-dong Soondubu', launched 'All In One Korean Sauce'. All In One Korean Sauce consists of four types: Kimchi Sauce, Red Pepper Sauce, Beef Bone Stock Sauce, and Soybean Paste Sauce. By using this sauce in local cuisine, people who are not familiar with Korean food can also make and enjoy new fusion dishes, while those who like traditional Korean food can make Korean food without going to Korea.

Dkore, All In One Korean Sauce
Dkore, All In One Korean Sauce

Using Kimchi Sauce, which serves Kimchi, the representative Korean food, people can easily make traditional Korean Kimchi Stew or Kimchi Fried Rice, and fusion with foreign foods to make Kimchi Taco and Kimchi Sandwich. Red Pepper Sauce can be used to make Spicy Tofu Stew, which tastes similar to Dkore's restaurant, "Bukchang-dong Soondubu" also makes Stew and Noodle spicy. Beef Bone Stock Sauce can be used in hotpots or dumpling soups for easy flavoring, while Soybean Paste Sauce can be used to make Miso Soups.

All In One Korean Sauce, made for overseas exports, is a product of Dkore's efforts to globalize Korean food and develop Korean culture. Since its founding in 2001, Bukchang-dong Soondubu, which is the origin of Juan dou fu, has opened 75 stores in Korea. In addition, Bukchang-dong Soondubu sells soft tofu stew, samgyetang, and bulgogi, so you can enjoy various Korean foods along with soft tofu stew.

Dkore also succeeded in developing samgyetang with tofu, and announced that it will also export tofu samgyetang with All In One Korean Sauce, which doubled the expectation for healthy and delicious food.

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