Launch ceremony for 2019 Qingdao International Season of Fashion and Lifestyle and "Discovering Qingdao" City Orienteering Race draw huge crowds

QINGDAO, China, July 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The new and stylish song with the dynamic beat, "Discovering Qingdao", was playing in the background on the morning of July 14 when the formal launch of the Qingdao International Season of Fashion and Lifestyle, co-sponsored by the Qingdao Municipal Party Committee Publicity Department, Qingdao Municipal Sports Bureau and the CCPIT, Qingdao Sub Council, took place. At the same time, the "Discovering Qingdao" City Orienteering Race kicked off in Tiantai Stadium.

Hosted by Qingdao Xintongbu Culture & Sports Industry Co., Ltd., the "Discovering Qingdao" City Orienteering Race is the largest and most extensive orienteering event held in Qingdao in recent years. In line with four key themes: "Open, Modern, Dynamic, Fashionable", 32 competition routes were set up for the event, alongside 200 kiosks where participants could sign in for their assigned tasks. The routes pass through areas within the city devoted to science and technology, culture, tourism, history, the humanities, significant revolutionary heroes and events, landmark buildings as well as other points of interest. The competition, divided into large teams, families and groups of individuals based on a common interest, including one large team consisting of 500 individuals connected to Qingdao Port and foreign students attending Chinese universities. Members of the groups not only included Internet celebrities with millions of fans, but also many teenagers who had just entered school. Some 10,000 local residents from all walks of life as well as tourists formed 2,000 teams that roamed the island city along the specially designed race route by walking, jogging, or taking public transport, where, while riding, they heard different urban tales about Qingdao while having a chance to engage in a series of new and interesting interactive games. At the same time, they could enjoy the weekend with family and friends. It was obvious from their behavior that the participants were fully enjoying the activities, completing the race, signing in all the way while taking in the beauty of Qingdao's city streets and lanes, and watching locals as they showed off the city's young and dynamic fashion in the summer breeze. 

In the course of the competition, contestants can take any of Qingdao's many buses and subways free of charge to arrive at the kiosks where they can collect the document listing the assigned task by showing the piece of cloth containing the entry number. For the orienteering race, Qingdao Metro has also added the theme train dubbed "Fashion", which generated a lot of positive feedback from many contestants. After the award ceremony and following the competition, a festive event that included sports demonstrations as well as local folklore and culture was held in the Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center, giving contestants and the general public the opportunity to feel the vitality of modern fashion.

The "2019 Qingdao International Season of Fashion and Lifestyle" series of events, which is scheduled to last from July to October, will include 10 major events, 20 key events and 100 general activities covering culture, tourism and sports as well as some exhibitions in the city, in an initiative to give both visitors and locals a better understanding of the city's fashion and multiple cultures, attract more talents from the world of fashion while stimulating new ideas, new creativities and new experiences. With the lineup of exciting activities that are expected to draw significant audiences and participation, the series of events will give visibility to Qingdao's fashion trends, raise people's fashion consciousness, provide further innovation to the city's fashion life, and create new urban fashion brands.

Source: Information Office of Qingdao Government