Miao Gengshu, Former President of China Minmetals Corporation, Becomes Vice Chairman of Heaven Springs Dynasty Harvest Group, the Atmospheric Water Generation Giant

2018-03-13 21:32 1037

HONG KONG, March 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, Mr. Miao, Gengshu, member of the 10th CPPCC National Committee and former Chairman of China Minmetals Corporation was announced as the Vice Chairman of Heaven Springs Dynasty Harvest (Group) Limited ("HSDH Group") and President of Heaven Springs Dynasty Harvest Atmospheric Water Generation Technology (China) Limited.

Mr. Miao was a senior executive to several major state-owned enterprises and NGOs in China. He has served as Chairman of China Council for International Investment Promotion, Honorary Chinese Chairman of China-Brazilian Committee of Entrepreneurs, Vice Chairman of China Institute of International Trade and once be selected as one of 20 global metal giants by the Metal Bulletin. Mr. Miao raised revenues of China Minmetals Corporation from 2.6 billion USD in 1997 to 15 billion USD in 2004 during his term of office as President. He has since served as Supervisor of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Outside Director of China Railcom Group, Outside Director of Sinohydro Group and Chairman of Sinotrans Limited, where he was the pioneer to chair a state-owned enterprise as an Outside Director.

Photos of Dato’ Sri Prof. Ng, Tat-yung, Datin Sri Dr. Ng, Tsz-yan Irys, Mr. Miao Gengshu, and Dr. Lo, Man-tuen
Photos of Dato’ Sri Prof. Ng, Tat-yung, Datin Sri Dr. Ng, Tsz-yan Irys, Mr. Miao Gengshu, and Dr. Lo, Man-tuen

This spring, Mr. Miao participated in the Celebration Dinner for the Lunar New Year and to welcome himself as Vice Chairman of HSDH Group with 200 guests. For more details, please visit:

During the event, Dato' Sri Prof. Ng, Tat-yung, Founder of HSDH Group and inventor of Atmospheric Water Generation and Datin Sri Dr. Ng, Tsz-yan Irys, Chairperson of HSDH Group offered thanks for the efforts and support of shareholders and staff made in the past year and warmly welcomed Mr. Miao joining HSDH Group as Vice Chairman. The joining of Mr. Miao will certainly bring HSDH Group to a new height.

Mr. Miao stated that problems on water resources are getting more serious and the Atmospheric Water Generation of HSDH Group would be a long-term goal for the benefits of people and society worldwide.

"Joining HSDH Group is kind of a responsibility upon the trust by Dato' Sri Prof. Ng, Tat-yung and the Board of Directors. I hope to maximize the strength of the HSDH Group and make greater contributions to the country and the world," Mr. Miao said.

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