Mintegral launches a new ad exchange focused on programmatic buying of APAC traffic

Mintegral Ad Exchange gives advertisers access to exclusive premium inventory from more than 5,000 apps live in China, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia
2019-01-17 18:57 1362

GUANGZHOU, China, Jan. 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Mintegral, a leading AI-driven, programmatic and interactive advertising platform, has launched Mintegral Ad Exchange, a programmatic advertising trading platform that will connect its high-quality in-app incentive videos, native ads and interactive advertising traffic to the public trading market for the first time, allowing more advertisers to pass real-time.

Mintegral was launched in 2016, specifically designed to offer effective programmatic ad buying to advertisers targeting China and APAC. Its strength lies in the quality of its premium native and video traffic resources, which come from app developers and apps connected to it through its SDK.

Mintegral Ad Exchange is connected to this SDK traffic, meaning that advertisers can access inventory from more than 1,000 publishers, 5,300 mobile applications and more than 3 billion average daily ad requests, reaching more than 900 million users. Among them are apps from top developers including Voodoo, Playrix, Zeptolab, Ubisoft, Outfit7, iDreamsky, 4399, Xiaomi, Meitu and other domestic and overseas publishers.

"Mintegral Ad Exchange is different from other ad exchanges in that we focus on programmatic purchases of APAC market traffic; so that means China, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia," said Erick Fang, Mintegral CEO. "We want to be the foremost advertising monetization partner for Western developers in APAC, which is why we are giving them the ability to connect with the public traffic marketplace there."

Mintegral Ad Exchange supports native ads (including streaming images and videos), screencasts, incentivised video and various interactive ad formats, allowing advertisers to use creatives such as trial ads and interactive videos. At the same time, the platform also supports custom video template setting function, advertisers can set personalized video creative templates in combination with their own advertising needs, helping to improve the advertising experience and conversion effect.


Mintegral is the leading mobile advertising platform in Asia, driven by AI technology, providing user acquisition and monetization solutions to advertisers and mobile developers worldwide. Mintegral currently works with thousands of app developers and publishers around the world, leveraging leading video and interactive concepts and advanced algorithmic technologies to help them increase market share and generate revenue.

Mintegral International Ltd is headquartered in Guangzhou, China, with local offices around the world.

Source: Mintegral International Ltd
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