Pantum to Bring New Product Line-ups and Optimised Customer Service to Indian Users

2020-03-09 15:35 1050

ZHUHAI, China, March 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Pantum ("the company"), a provider of printing solutions, announced its strategy to launch a blockbuster product portfolio, bringing simple, powerful and low-cost printing solutions to the Indian market. With the new goal, the company has also stepped up its efforts to optimise its customer service in the region with localised teams, offering a better user experience.

Under the strategy, the company is set to expand its product line-ups in the India market by introducing MPS, single-function, multi-functional and high-speed series. The upgraded product portfolio is aimed at users and all business and home scenarios and packed with features, functions and built-in benefits to help people work faster and more efficiently, and produce superior results. The new products include:

  • P3305 and M7105 series: the MPS models that boast significant monthly print volumes- perfect for users demanding a high efficiency, convenient and low-cost printing solution
  • Single-function and multi-function colour printers: The portable and flexible option for designers, family users and small enterprises with their high image resolution and fine-tune colour output
  • High-speed printers: super-fast eco-efficient models designed for business with the speeds up to 40 PPM
Pantum 2020 Full-Product-Line Strategy
Pantum 2020 Full-Product-Line Strategy

With the priority set on user experience and satisfaction, Pantum plans to set up localised customer service channels to reduce response times for expediting urgent requests and to proactively help customers solve problems. Customers can also scan the QR code on machines to easily call the service hotline and check the map of all service centers in India. In addition, an extended warranty will be applied to bulk-purchasing orders to offer protection for every Pantum product.

"The relentless dedication to delivering the best products and the highest level of service for our clients is our driving force", said Michael Qin, Deputy Sales Director of Pantum, "With the new committed service team, we are excited to offer this new line-up not only to meet the needs of users in India but to deliver printing solutions with a focus on durability, connectivity and cost-effectiveness."

Compact yet capable, the single-function P2200 and P2500 series won the top spot for customer satisfaction for their smart features such as mobile printing. The high-performance multi-functional printers from the M6502 and M7102 series feature easy installation, fast printing and versatile connectivity. In 2019, Pantum received the "Versatile and Reliable Printer Brand of the Year Award" in the Editor's Choice Award category from the 12th NCN Innovative Product Award Night.

Pantum’s annual best-selling models
Pantum’s annual best-selling models

The global sales of printers experienced a 4.44% dip in 2019. During the same period in India, the sales of printers in India fell by 4.91%. Against the backdrop, Pantum saw a 700% sales boost on its laser printer sales in India.

Since the first half of 2019, Pantum has established a nationwide storefront and distribution network with more than 1000 outlets in over 20 states in India. 280 roadshows with on-site staff offering troubleshooting solutions are organised all year round in 28 cities where the latest products are on display. The company has also built a nationwide an extensive service network across the country in partnership with Wipro, offering free doorstep warranty repair with service stations set up in more than 40 major cities.

"2019 represents a big step for Pantum in the Indian market with the support of our local dealers and customers. Pantum will continue to improve and optimize our product offering tailored to the needs of our customers in 2020," Michael added.

About Pantum

Founded in 2010, Pantum is the original printer manufacturer, with its business covering printers, printing materials, and printing solutions and services. In 2011, Pantum began its overseas expansion and is currently active in more than 50 markets and regions across the world, including China, the US, Europe, the Middle East, and South Africa. Driven by its patented technology, Pantum is continuously innovating its office products so as to meet the evolving needs of customers, offering economical, user-friendly, and energy-efficient products as well as reliable printing solutions. Today, Pantum is now also bringing greater value to its Indian customers thanks to its cost-effective products, services, and sales policies.

For more information, please contact:
Mr. Aaron Zhao
Pantum India Sales Director
Mobile: +86 18928036307

Mr. Abhra Das
Pantum India Sales Head
Mobile: +91 9831849971

Facebook: Pantum India
Service hotline: +91-1800-419-3160

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