Pixelworks Visual Display Technology Brings Entirely New Visual Experience to NetEase's "Revelation Mobile"

Pixelworks, Inc.
2023-09-21 12:02 2048

Comprehensive 120fps Picture Quality Enables Gamers to Fly Freely in the Clouds and Dive Deeply into the Seas in the 3D Fantasy World

SHANGHAI, Sept. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Pixelworks, Inc. (NASDAQ: PXLW), a leading provider of visual processing solutions, today announced that it has partnered with a flagship game IP, Revelation, developed by the Thunderfire Business Group, a game studio of the world's leading game developer, NetEase Games, and provided visual processing solutions to optimize the display quality of the mobile version of the game. The Revelation Mobile integrates Pixelworks' Rendering Accelerator SDK to significantly enhance the visual quality for mobile gaming. Coupled with a Pixelworks X7 visual processor, the Rendering Accelerator works as a bridge, delivering an exceptional 120fps visual experience on mobile devices with low power consumption, enabling a more immersive gaming experience for mobile gamers.

Revelation Mobile is a flagship mobile game developed by NetEase Games. Centered around the theme of oriental fantasy, the game creates a 3D fantasy world where characters can soar to the heights of the heavens and plunge into the depths of the seas. It faithfully recreates the vast and beautiful Cloud Song Continent. The game boasts stunning and eye-catching visuals, from the boundless cloudscapes to the enchanting underwater scenes, all meticulously crafted to bring the world to life. Rich colors, together with impressive lighting effects, make the Cloud Song Continent, a realm where diverse human landscapes intertwine with natural beauty, even more vivid and vibrant. Players follow their characters on a journey of growth, where navigating vast expanses of distant skies and deep oceans allows them to embrace innate sense of freedom, while simultaneously enduring the challenges of pioneering exploration and harvesting unique life experiences through blocking strategies and gaming moves.

As an open-world 3D action RPG game, the visual effects rendering of skill releases by game characters during battles is exceptionally exquisite and magnificent. High frame rate graphical output and efficient power management are critical to maximize mobile gamers' immersion in the visual aesthetics and enjoy a high-quality visual experience with ultra smoothness. In order to overcome the frequently encountered limitations and challenges associated with high frame rate gaming on mobile devices as well as further enhance the picture quality of the game, the production team of NetEase's Revelation Mobile engaged in deep technical cooperation with Pixelworks. This included the integration of Pixelworks' Rendering Accelerator SDK in order to achieve comprehensive visual optimization for mobile gaming – from production to display – enabling the display of stable 120fps game visuals on Android smartphones combined with low power consumption. As a result, players are able to enjoy a more immersive gaming experience in the incredibly vivid and 3D world of Revelation Mobile.

"We are very pleased to have cooperated with Pixelworks on Revelation Mobile." said Kang Kang, Technical Lead of NetEase's Revelation Mobile. "This partnership marks a positive innovation as both parties joined efforts to explore visual optimization of mobile games and enhance the gaming experience for mobile gamers. The picture quality of mobile games has always been a crucial focus for developers given that stunning game visuals and consistently high-frame-rate graphic output are what it takes to captivate the heart of players. Optimizing picture quality requires breakthroughs in various aspects, including graphic design and production, rendering accuracy, power consumption and battery life of smartphones. This collaboration with Pixelworks has provided us with a new practical solution to optimize the performance and picture quality of mobile gaming. Moving forward, we hope to continue leveraging Pixelworks' advanced technologies and rich experience in mobile visual processing to deliver a more realistic and immersive 120fps gaming experience, enabling mobile gamers to feel the thrill of flying through the clouds and plunging into the seas in the gaming world."

"We extend our gratitude to the production team of Revelation Mobile for recognizing the merits of Pixelworks' Rendering Accelerator SDK." said Jun Fang, Senior Marketing Director of Pixelworks. "As one of the masterpieces of mobile games with high picture quality, Revelation Mobile has received unanimous praise from mobile gamers for its exquisite and realistic landscape presentation and innovative gameplay. For most mobile gamers, an immersive gaming experience is what they are after, which further emphasizes the importance of dynamic image processing and the visual display smoothness of games. We are honored to have Pixelworks' visual optimization solutions integrated into Revelation Mobile to deliver an exceptional 120fps visual experience on mobile devices, and thus help take the picture quality of mobile games to a new level. We look forward to both parties delving deeper into the realm of mobile game visual displays, unlocking more development opportunities and collaboratively crafting immersive gaming experiences for end-users."

About NetEase Games

NetEase officially established its Online Game Business Division in 2001. Ever since, NetEase Games has been growing with the community of game enthusiasts. After nearly 20 years of rapid development, it has become one of the top seven game companies in the world. As a leading game developer in China, NetEase has consistently been at the forefront of independent research and development of online games.

Currently, NetEase operates over 100 game products. Thanks to its consistent delivery of high-quality games over the years, as of 2020, NetEase has ranked top 2 among global mobile game publishers by revenue for four consecutive years. Moreover, in recent years, NetEase has made significant strides in the international market, maintaining a top-four position among Chinese companies in terms of overseas revenue. A number of its self-developed games have made it to the top 20 of China's App Store mobile game revenue rankings.

NetEase Games describes itself as a "game enthusiast." It is not only a gaming platform and service provider but, like all gamers, is a genuine "game enthusiast" with great passion. In the future, NetEase Games will continue to uphold the NetEase corporate philosophy of "Guided by originality, we aspire to innovate", and work together with numerous global partners to create high-quality games worthy of gamers' passion.

About Pixelworks

Founded in 2004, Pixelworks Semiconductor Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. ("PWSH") is a controlled subsidiary of Pixelworks Inc. (NASDAQ: PXLW). PWSH specializes in the development and design of mobile visual processing chips, video transcoding chips, 3LCD projector chips, and implementation solutions. It stands out as an industry-leading provider of innovative video and display processing solutions.

Pixelworks provides industry-leading content creation, video delivery and display processing solutions and technology that enable highly authentic viewing experiences with superior visual quality, across all screens – from cinema to smartphone and beyond. The Company has more than 20 years of history delivering image processing innovation to leading providers of consumer electronics, professional displays and video streaming services. For more information, please visit the company's web site at

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