Priceza Insight: Ramadhan Month is the Most Popular Online Shopping Time in Indonesia

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JAKARTA, Indonesia, April 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Priceza Indonesia, as one of the pioneers of shopping search engine and price comparison platforms in Indonesia, recently found interesting facts that compared consumer online purchasing behavior and habits during the year of 2017. They revealed that the month of Ramadan is the most popular time to shop online in Indonesia.

The best time to target Indonesian consumers
The best time to target Indonesian consumers

The findings are supported by data that showed an increase in click-rate by 26% when compared to the previous month. That means the interest of the Indonesian consumer against various promos in the month of Ramadan is high compared to normal conditions, even the highest compared to other promos in the same year. This conclusion is also supported by the increase of transaction value by as much as 16%.

Based on this data, it can be concluded that the Ramadhan and Lebaran (Eid Al Fitr) observances manage to attract consumers to conduct online shopping activities, as well as convince them to make transactions.

From this fact it can also be concluded that the phenomenon in the context of e-commerce is proven in line with what happens in the conventional market, where the turnover (revenue) of traditional traders can increase by double, and even triple as Lebaran (Eid Al Fitr) approaches.

Duration of Ramadhan gives advantages to e-commerce

The length of time during the Ramadhan period makes this month more special than any other month, especially in determining what kind of promotional attraction methods to be used to generate conversions and transactions. This month is used by the e-commerce industry as an opportunity.

According to Bayu Irawan, Co-founder and Country Head of Priceza Indonesia, "One of the main causes of this finding is the lag time or period when carrying the program. The longest distance during the Ramadan moment to its peak on Lebaran (Eid Al Fitr) day resulted in a significant transaction boom."

"From the year 2017, we can learn that the traditional month of Ramadhan is still going to be an effective month in carrying promotional programs for the e-commerce business," continued Bayu.

Basically, an offer must invite attraction and awareness of the market. With that, the number of visitors will increase by itself and certainly affects the number of clicks that occur. In this regard, the period of time of approximately 30 days provides flexibility.

Attraction is how attractive the promotional program is. It can be a program design, time period, theme, or something else. But the new attraction is still a halfway point, because the process does not stop there.

Visitors will then continue the process to convert into a transaction. In this phase, an e-commerce website can play a role by creating descriptions of relevant products and attractive promotional programs such as attractive discounts or free delivery.

During the month of Ramadhan, Indonesian consumers tend to spend their time shopping online. Priceza Indonesia's data shows that the top three categories during this month are fashion, electronic and smartphone products.

The objective of doing a promo during Ramadan is to feed visitors' shopping appetites and encourage them to make transactions. In this case, it appears that the attraction during the Ramadhan program is quite high.

Based on the data obtained, it is almost certain that the purchasing behavior of Indonesian consumers for the month of Ramadhan in 2018 will not change much, and is even predicted to increase.

About Priceza

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