Top 5 Cities in Indonesia with the Largest Number of Online Shoppers in the Last 3 Years

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JAKARTA, Indonesia, June 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Priceza Indonesia, as one of the pioneers in shopping search engine and price comparison platform in Indonesia, reveal interesting facts about top 5 cities in Indonesia with the largest number of online shoppers in the last three years.

Top 5 Cities in Indonesia with the Biggest Online Shoppers in the Last 3 Years
Top 5 Cities in Indonesia with the Biggest Online Shoppers in the Last 3 Years

The development of e-commerce industry has increasingly stretched in Indonesia. Statista, an online statistics and market research portal, estimates the retail sales value of this industry in Indonesia is about 7 billion USD in the year 2017, and is projected to keep rising to double in the next 4 years.

It's easy nowadays to find digital platforms that facilitate online shopping by delivering ease of use. Such as the practicality, security, speed, and of course discounts reflected in promotional campaign tactics.

As a result, potential buyers do not hesitate to switch from conventional purchasing methods to being all online. Responding to the phenomenon of this preference shift, it becomes important and interesting to know the digital market demographic map in Indonesia. Where did the majority of them come from? Are they predominantly gender-specific? From what device do they access information?

Cities with the most active online shoppers

Based on Priceza's findings, there are five major cities in Indonesia that are the main source of visits (traffic) to various online stores, namely Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Bandung, and Makassar. There are three interesting notes that are interconnected with each other: composition, consistency, and population.

For 3 consecutive years, the composition of the cities has not changed. They are Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Bandung, and Makassar. This composition also ranks almost always consistent in the order, with a little exceptions in 2016, when Bandung managed to shift Medan in third place, although the difference being so thin.

Finally, it is interesting to note that the order of these cities also reflects the rank in terms of population. These list are the five largest cities in Indonesia in terms of population, which are also the exact order in terms of cities with the most online shopper.

This shows that internet penetration in big cities in Indonesia is quite high and equal. As quoted from the Association of Indonesian Internet Service Providers (APJII), Internet penetration at urban areas reached uop to 72.4% in 2017.

In addition, it is interesting to note that there is a trend of increase in these five cities from year to year. In 2015, these cities contribute less than 50% of total visits. While in the year 2017 the condition changed drastically to 80%.

Online demographic in Indonesia

Traditionally, women are often associated with gender who love to shop. Just an additional reference from APJII, the percentage comparison of female Internet users versus men is not too far away, only 48.6% - 51.4%. So, does the same thing apply in the context of online shopper? The answer is no.

Priceza revealed that men are the majority online shopper in Indonesia, and this is actually not something new or anomalous, because it has happened for 3 years in a row with a significant difference in proportion.

In the last three years, male online shoppers account for about 63% -67%, while women only about half (33-37%). There is a growing trend of female gender proportions in the last three years, but not too significant.

Online shopping access point

The majority of visitors access Priceza from their smartphones, with a significant percentage and a trend that continues to be positive, from 68% in 2015 to 80% in 2017.

Meanwhile, the number of users from the desktop is down from 26% to 17%. Beyond the dichotomy, a small percentage of visitors access from alternative devices.

According to Bayu Irawan, Co-Founder & Country Head, Priceza Indonesia, "as realize and experienced by all of us, we are now entering the mobile era (digital). And this apply to e-commerce as well".

Bayu also added, "This seems to be realized by the players in this industry, who can found responses in the form of mobile app development or promotion to encourage the use of mobile app. The implication, ease and convenience of the application or mobile display (mobile web) to be a crucial factor in winning the hearts and prospective buyers".

Undoubtedly, such trends will continue with deeper adoption on technology and internet in the daily life of society. Are we ready to live in the digital age?

About Priceza

Priceza is a shopping search engine and price comparison platform established in 2010 (in Thailand). Priceza Indonesia was established in 2013 with a total of nearly 5 million users per month.

In addition to Thailand and Indonesia, Priceza also operates in 4 (four) other Southeast Asian countries, namely Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Vietnam. Priceza helps millions of online shoppers access information to make smart shopping decisions, and connect thousands of online stores with their buyers.

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