Qingdao on track to become a well-known "Fashion Hub by the Sea"

QINGDAO, China, April 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Qingdao, a major city along the east coast of China's Shandong province, will host the 2019 Global Venture Capital Conference between May 9 and 10, 2019. Investment veterans and leaders from China and abroad will gather together at the largest ever event of its kind in a move to transform Qingdao into an international venture capital hub. In addition to setting up a VC fund of funds, the city plans to release a series of competitive and favorable policies with the aim of spurring development of the sector.

The event is part of Qingdao's latest efforts to position itself as a well-known "Fashion Hub by the Sea". Advantages such as an extensive marine research and development platform, recognized strength in marine technologies and a pool of technical talent has helped Qingdao keep up with, and, in several segments, even take a lead in the rapidly growing marine sector. In addition to contributing to a growing pool of "developed-in-China" knowledge, the city has continued to do its part to transform ocean-based industries as well as sectors that depend on the sea. Qingdao has focused the development of a marine economy on advanced technologies, intensified the prevention and treatment of marine pollution and protected marine biodiversity, allowing more people enjoy the benefits.

The proximity of the ocean, often synonymous with romance, has been a key factor in converting the city into a fashionable center featuring multicultural integration, innovative ideas and cutting-edge technologies. The combination of film, fashion, beer, pipe music art, sailboats and marathon events has made Qingdao a vibrant, open-minded, forward-thinking fashionable hub. Hosting the SCO Qingdao Summit has further enhanced Qingdao's role as not only a cultural center, but also one that has been at the forefront of technical integration as well as thought leadership when it comes to innovation.

Source: Information Office of Qingdao Government