Retaining the Japanese ethic is the secret to the success of GAC MOTOR's high-quality products

GUANGZHOU, China, Oct. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- In recent years, the Philippines has enjoyed a boom in automobile consumption, of which Japanese brands are highly popular. In 2019, according to automobile market sales data, Japanese brands had taken the top four spots. Upcoming brand GAC MOTOR, imbued with 'Japanese DNA' after a long history of collaboration with Japanese car brands such as Toyota and Honda, has also entered the Philippine market. Over two years, it has launched highly popular models such as the GM8, GS8, GA8, GA4 and GS3. Those models are selling well and have gain momentum that has caught the attention of consumers and market watchers alike.

Popular upstart brand GAC MOTOR gains customers and high praise with top quality products
Popular upstart brand GAC MOTOR gains customers and high praise with top quality products

Imbibing the Japanese pursuit of perfection, becoming a global leader

Japanese brands are popular because of their world-class manufacturing technology and strict quality controls. The Fortune 500 company, GAC Group, has more than 20 years of working intimately with Japanese brands through joint ventures. As an independent brand from GAC Group, GAC MOTOR follows the Japanese manufacturing and control system by adopting stringent and high standards for ingeniously crafted products and has been recognized by influential institutions and the market - GAC MOTOR won the JD Power Top Rated New Vehicle - Chinese brand champion for seven consecutive years.

World-class brand, supported by a first-class logistics network

GAC MOTOR, in the quest to build a reputation for quality, has developed a world-class supply chain network, using a unique "GAC procurement method" that controls quality across the board, creating a vibrant and integrated parts ecosystem. This has resulted in achievements such as the safety system exceeding the global five-star standard, single car mileage exceeding 160,000km, and meeting some of the world's strictest emission standards in environmental protection. This relentless quest for excellence in all aspects has created a trustworthy brand and an exceptional product for consumers in Philippines.

An enriching mobile life begins with a first-class service experience

GAC MOTOR adheres to a "customer first" concept and has created several industry-innovative characteristic services. With its first-class supply chain, first-class R&D strength, and first-class service experience, GAC MOTOR has developed rapidly around the world covering 26 countries and regions. Today, with the continued popularity of the GA4 and GS3 models on sale, GAC MOTOR's influence in the Philippines will continue to expand, and bring high-quality cars that will create a pleasant mobile life for Filipinos.