Revolutionize Traditional DCS Architecture: SUPCON Unveils Groundbreaking Nyx, the World's First Universal Control System (UCS)

SINGAPORE, June 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- SUPCON unveiled the world's first Universal Control System (UCS) at the highly anticipated global product launch conference, marking a groundbreaking innovation in the automation sector. This revolutionizes the concept of industrial control systems, pioneering a new era in automatic control technology.

Nearly 300 industry experts, including representatives from leading progress industry enterprises, multinational organizations, and academic associations from nearly 20 countries and regions, gathered to witness this historical moment.

Return to the Essence of Control: Computing, Connectivity, and Sensing - An innovative UCS Architecture

SUPCON has revolutionized the 50-year-old traditional DCS technology architecture by overcoming the limitations of traditional, purpose-built hardware-based control systems with rigid, hierarchical layers and fixed computing power, introducing the next-generation Universal Control System (UCS) architecture, a software-defined, total digitalized, and cloud-based control system. By breaking free from traditional physical controllers, I/O modules, and cabinets, UCS presents a minimalist new form that integrates a control data center, optic fiber network, and intelligent field. This innovative approach eliminates numerous cabinets, ushering in a revolutionary transformation in control systems.

Groundbreaking Launch of Nyx: the World's First Universal Control System

Centered around a control data center, the Nyx system leverages NyxOS, a cloud-based real-time operating system tailored for industrial control. This results in a robust operating environment for control tasks that is real-time, highly reliable, and secure. The Nyx system is capable of executing cloud-based real-time applications, autonomously adjusting resource scale and capacity to match demand, enabling elasticity and scalability. Its redundant and distributed architecture ensures the control system's high availability and fault tolerance.

Nyx utilizes an optic fiber network to directly transmit intelligent field data to the control data center at 10 Gbp/s speed with parallel redundancy. This innovative approach leads to a minimalist network architecture, significantly reducing copper cables and footprint.

Harnessing APL-based field connection technology, Nyx supports Zone 2 intrinsically safe explosion-proof field junction boxes and APL modules. It provides each instrument an IP address, improves the communication performance by at least 100 times, and fully digitalizes field transmission and execution, achieving data connectivity in smart plants. SUPCON, steadfast in its commitment to co-construction, sharing and mutual benefit, is actively building an Ethernet-APL ecosystem. It offers a comprehensive range of APL products, including power switches, field switches, and intelligent instruments.

Nyx's minimalist architecture achieves remarkable cost savings, including a 90% reduction in footprint, 80% in copper cable, and 50% in project time.

Integrate AI: Unleash Infinite Potential in Industrial Application

The industrial application of Nyx promises immense value for the process industry. SUPCON's pilot applications have revealed Nyx's ability to deeply integrate AI and leverage the GPU powered control engine, offering functions like automated configuration generation and AI-PID. This enables data prediction and adaptive control, enhancing operational efficiency and ushering in a new AI era in the control field, thereby unleashing productivity.

Empower industrial intelligence, embrace infinite possibilities. In recent years, SUPCON has been actively exploring the integration and application of AI and other advanced technologies in the process industry. The introduction of Nyx not only signifies a significant leap for SUPCON in intelligent control, but also forges a "sword" to catalyst industrial transformation. Amid rapid technological and industrial updates, SUPCON eagerly invites more ecosystem partners to join in this groundbreaking revolution. Together, we lead the industry towards a smarter, more efficient, and greener future.

Source: SUPCON Technology Co., Ltd.