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2019-07-09 08:00 1857

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, July 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- SARATIX, in collaboration with CUSTLR has launched Malaysia's first fashion Artificial Intelligence named SARA with a user-friendly add-on for fashion businesses with services including body profiling using only an A4 paper, fashion analytics and retail reports.

The power of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning used in data analytics to help fashion businesses grow.
The power of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning used in data analytics to help fashion businesses grow.

The newly launched Saratix and CUSTLR, an online tailoring brand that uses a crowdsourced engine to produce well-made clothing, focuses on the main problem affecting e-Commerce businesses - reducing return rates, inventory holdings, conversion rates and targeted consumer purchasing. Saratix's Artificial Intelligence and A4 technology is able to accurately measure any one person's body size in seconds with just a mobile device, unlike typical average-based profiles using height and weight commonly found in the market now.

Prioritizing a need to increase business growth rates, SARA's algorithm effectively analyses and generates reports in numerous ways to increase business growth and reduce return rates at the same time. Numerous online brands have already signed up and become partners. The feedback and results generated have been proven to be great although only at the early stages. Both retail and fashion e-commerce brands will be able to try this technology out free, for a limited time only.

Powered by Deep Learning Neural Network (DNN) and Machine Learning, SARA was developed with the help of bright minded professors, students, developers and engineers from a number of Universities, located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

In the works as of now for the future is a Virtual Augmented Reality fashion technology to encapsulate and address the main problems in the online world. "It has been an amazing journey of innovation and growth. We are very proud of what the team has managed to accomplish" stated SARATIX's COO and Director Daniel Loo.

In partnership with Malaysia's top System and Software Development solutions company, BESTWEB Technologies Sdn. Bhd., Saratix strives to keep improving by creating a stronger and more intelligent Artificial Intelligence.

SARATIX is now available for contact and enquiry on its website. The company is having a promotional period for brands, retail, tailors and e-commerce platforms to try and use this technology for free and create a healthy growing business environment together.

About Saratix

Founded in early 2019, SARATIX was derived from the core Artificial Intelligence named SARA (Simultaneous Artificial Response and Action). The goal was to create an Artificial Intelligence with the power of Deep Learning using Big Data to effectively learn and propose technical solutions to most business verticals, ranging from fashion to engineering. The need for a mock "Artificial Sentience" to perform complex tasks have been the priority in this 21st century.

In the pursuit of this, founders Daniel Chua and Daniel Loo has incorporated help from some of the brightest minds in the industry, professors, engineers, developers and RnD students to one day, hopefully, bring to the world a highly complex and powerful Artificial Intelligence.


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