SECUMAIL: Prevention technology against the latest disguised government agencies mail hacking in the Spotlight

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, April 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- An Asia-wide email hacking attack that posed as coming from a Vietnamese government agency and closed user documents or seized information resulted in substantial damages in March, but one company is at the center of attention for preventing their users from being affected by this attack.

The company is VNETWORK Joint Stock Company, a Vietnamese enterprise specialised in IT Security solutions that distributes SECU MAIL, developed by Kiwontech, a member company of the Born2Global Centre.

SECUMAIL integrated AI to protect users comprehensively
SECUMAIL integrated AI to protect users comprehensively

Using malicious emails disguising as the government agency is one of the most frequent ways to attack of hackers, but this incident used the malicious code in a new pattern that resulted in significant damage.

SECUMAIL is an email security system that can prevent trading frauds by checking the recipient's address, and effectively block continued intelligent attacks. It can also distinguish normal from suspicious senders of email, and its email security technology provides detailed warnings of what could happen next if a suspicious email is opened. Confidential information in outgoing emails can also be encrypted, and restrictions on access to email can be set to prevent information leakage. This technology has already been introduced by Vietnamese news media.

Last year, the continued spread of ransomware through emails was a hot topic worldwide. Damage is still being done, despite an increasing number of enterprises using email security services. This explains the high interest in next-generation email security technology.

"Simple phishing emails are no longer as damaging as before, but intelligent malicious code that can generate and erase files cannot be blocked by typical anti-virus systems if that code has never been used before", said Nguyen Van Tao, CEO of VNETWORK. He added, "Users need technology that can inspect malicious code for malicious content by examining every possibility, and SECU MAIL users are be able to avoid damage."

Established in 1994, Kiwontech offers premium customizable IT services - from AI-enabled email security to ERP and SI Projects. Kiwontech provides total IT solutions to nations such as Vietnam and Singapore.

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