Sushi Saito (Tokyo) Today Announced as Top Japanese Restaurant in Opinionated About Dining's First Dedicated Top 100+ Japanese Restaurants List

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TOKYO, Jan. 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ --

Global restaurant award platform Opinionated About Dining (OAD) has today announced Sushi Saito in Tokyo as the number one restaurant on the inaugural OAD Top 100+ Japanese Restaurants List. A regular inclusion on the annual overarching Asian Restaurants List, Saito is recognized for its consistently flawless execution. A former apprentice at Sushi Kanesaka, Saito is known to produce perfectly balanced and exquisitely formed nigiri, with every piece exactly the same size, shape and temperature.

The number two spot goes to Tenzushi Kyomachi-ten in Fukuoka, which features Kyushu mae-style sushi, while Ogata, the groundbreaking kaiseki restaurant in Kyoto is newly at the third best restaurant in Japan.

Following several years where Japanese restaurants dominated the OAD Top 100+ Asian Restaurants List, founder Steve Plotnicki has decided that the time has come to make space to more broadly showcase the talent and calibre of restaurants to be discovered in Japan. 2019 marks the launch of the OAD's newly dedicated Top 100+ Japanese Restaurants List.

Of this decision, Steve comments:"Given the intense interest in the Japanese scene, I thought it made sense to give our readers as much information about the restaurants in the country as possible." Other restaurants in the OAD Top 100+ Japanese Restaurants List top ten include Hiarsansou in Kyoto, Tokyo's Matsukawa and Yoroniku, and the innovative Den, also in Tokyo.

The top ten restaurants in Japan from OAD:

  1. Sushi Saito (sushi)
  2. Tenzushi Kyomachi-ten (sushi)
  3. Ogata (kaiseki)
  4. Hirasansou (kaiseki)
  5. Matsukawa (kaiseki)
  6. Higashiazabu Amamoto (sushi)
  7. Yoroniku (yakiniku)
  8. Kyo Aji (kaiseki)
  9. Kimoto (kaiseki)
  10. Den (innovative)

The full list of the OAD's top 100 will be available to read online at

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