Thai Rice Milk Creates a New Good Health Experience

BANGKOK, June 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Department of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce, Thailand, has introduced a project called "Think RICE, Think THAILAND" to demonstrate that Thai rice can be a product for better health and quality of life when adding cutting-edge innovations and advanced technology to it. The project also aims to encourage international community to pay attention to consumer health and to raise awareness on the national crop by providing a wider range of knowledge from national agricultural history and planting standards and quality to the diversity of Thai rice.

The Ministry of Commerce described about rice milk which is becoming a popular healthy drink among health-conscious consumers. It is not only packed with nutrients but also offers nourishment for a youthful skin. In terms of nutritional facts, rice milk has protein content that is easy to digest. It contains essential amino acids that promote growth, strengthen immune system, and has less cholesterol and fat and no allergens. Moreover, it is lactose-free, so it is a perfect alternative for people suffering from lactose intolerance.

Today, Thai rice milk products are widely available in the markets, and each type has unique qualities and different benefits. For example, young rice milk is made from young rice aged 2-2.5 months. Rice at this stage has the most nutrients, fiber and vitamins such as calcium, vitamin B1 and B2 and vitamin E - all vital for the body's immune system.

Germinated brown rice milk is made from brown rice soaked in water to speed up germination, which produces gamma amino butyric acid (GABA) that promotes brain function and memory and relaxes the mood.

Rice milk is made from rice grains being processed with heat and mashed into a pulp that is rich in carbohydrates, which is an important source of energy for the body.

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Source: Department of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce, Thailand