The 2019 China Digital Entertainment Congress (CDEC) kicks off in Shanghai

At the event Perfect World CEO Dr. Robert Hong Xiao speaks about new development of the digital cultural and creative industry

SHANGHAI, Aug. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The 2019 China Digital Entertainment Congress (CDEC), with the theme of "Challenges, Opportunities and Dreams", kicked off in Shanghai on August 1.

As one of the most professional, authoritative and internationally influential events in the Chinese digital entertainment sector, CDEC has attracted a number of well-known Chinese digital entertainment companies including Tencent, NetEase, Perfect World, Giant Interactive Group and Shengqu Games. It is an occasion for the enterprises to join hands to initiate the transformation of the cultural and creative industry in the new digital era, as well as to provide the world's digital entertainment community with preemptive opportunities brought about by the development of a Chinese digital entertainment ecosystem.

"The digital cultural and creative industry has excelled in delivering an outstanding experience and more value to users and in connecting with them emotionally. Digital cultural and creative companies can leverage this unique advantage to enable the transformation of the traditional cultural and entertainment sectors and to explore and create new momentum together with traditional players," said Perfect World CEO Dr. Robert Hong Xiao at the conference during his keynote speech.

"In addition, the implementation of 5G technologies is expected to fundamentally change the e-sports sector, delivering a new exciting gaming experience to users by transforming the previous forms of entertainment on both the production and consumption sides. 5G technologies are on track to boost the development of e-sports while bringing new approaches to traditional sports."

Perfect World CEO Dr. Robert Hong Xiao delivering a keynote speech at the 2019 CDEC
Perfect World CEO Dr. Robert Hong Xiao delivering a keynote speech at the 2019 CDEC

The digital cultural and creative industry, one of the most dynamic within China's national economy, has not only transformed the way cultural content is produced, communicated and consumed, but has also empowered and rejuvenated the traditional side of the sector.

Taking e-sports, an emerging sector within the industry, as an example, the sector, by collaborating with counterparts in the larger entertainment content sector, has generated a number of new forms of entertainment, including e-sports variety shows, live events, movies and music, delivering an unprecedented variety of new experiences to consumers. By empowering other traditional cultural and entertainment sectors, e-sports is also likely to create new business models, including e-sports-themed tourism, finance, e-commerce and training.

E-sports has gradually become a platform for mass entrepreneurship and innovation while providing new opportunities to the governments of many Chinese cities. The future of the larger industry, including e-sports, is promising due to its unique features and advantages. It has become the common mission of all industry players to explore how to unlock the industry's potential value via innovation.

As a high-end authoritative conference that is held concurrently with China Digital Entertainment Expo and Conference (ChinaJoy), CDEC has been held for 16 consecutive years since its launch in 2003. CDEC has been and continues to be highly valued by government officials, with many attending in person. CDEC is also a not-to-missed event for many executives from internationally renowned digital entertainment companies who make sure to be present every year.

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