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The Technology Helping Elite Athletes Reduce Injuries And Optimise Their Performance On The World Sporting Stage

2018-04-06 11:22

SUMNER, Brisbane, April 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- A key part of preparation for modern athletes is data analysis and for great sporting nations it unlocks the potential for more medals to be won and records broken.

In February, the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS)( alongside Fusion Sport presented at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference ( to showcase their injury prevention outcomes. The results of their Athlete Management System (AMS) implementation have been far reaching and the data culture across Australia's sporting organisations has changed dramatically. "Across the board we've seen a 30-40% decrease in injuries, with some squads as high as 90% down in injuries annually," noted Mr. Todd Ryall, Manager (AMS), Innovation, Research and Development from the AIS. 

Fusion Sport's platform
SMARTABASE ( is used by hundreds of elite sporting organisations across the globe including many in the UK. British Athletics, Sport Scotland, English Cricket Board, Birmingham Sports University and more recently it has been used by the military and performing arts institutes like The Royal Ballet.

The Institute's AMS monitors 45 high performance sporting organisations across the country equating to 2652 squads and over 12,000 athletes.

So how does all of this data equate to better athlete performance and a reduction in injuries?

There are over a million training sessions recorded and all this data helps athletes and coaches manage get to competition safely. Increasing the volume of data sources improves detection through machine learning, and for the past two years the AIS has been tracking data from athletes through wearables and mobile devices. Mr. Ryall, remarked, "...[That] with the Apple Heathkit integration we now have 'life load' and everything the athletes do outside of structured training."

With the tracking of medical data, body composition, sleep and training load the AIS can track spikes in illnesses and manage preventative follow up. Without the nation-wide AMS it would be near impossible to facilitate the data analysis.

Fusion Sport are now taking this technology to the world through its UK Company based in Nottingham. EMEA Business Development Manager, Amina Traore said, "It's a really exciting phase, our team here is growing quickly and we aim to become a major centre for Fusion Sport's global network over the next three years, not only in sport but also in the military and performing arts."

Source: Fusion Sport Pty Ltd
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