Tuya and SMD Technologies collaborate to power Smart Home Products on the Connex Connect App

Connex Connect Smart Home products powered by Tuya launched into the South Africa retail market
2019-09-23 23:30 1363

JOHANNESBURG, Sept. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Global AI+IoT leader Tuya and SMD Technologies, a major player in the South African Consumer Electronics retail market, have announced a partnership for the Southern African market and have launched a range of affordable Smart Tech Wi-Fi connected devices that have made it easy to connect a Smart Home.

This announcement builds on Tuya's strategic partnership with key players in the selected territories, to grow the AI+IoT business in Africa. SMD Technologies have launched 17 Smart Tech, Wi-Fi devices across 5 categories, fully integrated into Amazon Alexa and Google Voice Assistant, with a roadmap of some 200 devices.

According to Eva Na, CMO of Tuya China HQ, "South Africa is an important market for Tuya's AI+IoT global expansion as a platform. The collaboration will help the brand to serve the growing South Africa smart home market. Tuya has managed to witness the early explosion in global smart home market across 36 countries with their local top IoT brand that is working with Tuya. The partnership with SMD is one major step further into a more interconnected world with Powered by Tuya globally."

"Our mission is to make Smart Home devices affordable and to make the technology simple to understand, and easy and convenient to use. We have partnered with Tuya, as they are the leaders in the AI+IoT cloud-based SaaS and are the next Google in the IoT arena. Expect to see Connex Connect in the Retail market in October 2018," said Mark Sale, New Business Development Manager of SMD technologies.

About Tuya

Tuya provides a class-leading AI + IoT platform that brings smart products to life for manufacturers, brands, OEMs, and retail chains. The platform offers hardware access, cloud services, and app development. Tuya also helps brands upgrade their technology and business models so they are able to deliver smart devices to meet consumer demand. The company serves more than 93,000 partners in over 190 countries powering products such as lighting, appliances, environmental, and surveillance equipment. Tuya is internationally operated, with local headquarters in U.S., China, Germany, Japan, and India. 

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Source: Tuya Global Inc.