Uniview Exhibited High Quality Products and Cutting-edge Technologies at Security Show in Japan

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TOKYO, March 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Security Show is the largest and most established commercial event for the security industry in Japan. This year, thousands of industry professionals converged in Tokyo looking for the latest products and technologies. As one of the global leading manufacturers in the video surveillance industry, Uniview exhibited at the Security Show for the first time. With years of development in the overseas market, Uniview delivers customized products and solutions to different countries. Uniview focuses on presenting high quality, new products and cutting-edge technology, which suits the Japanese market.

Uniview is committed to professional manufacturing and strict quality control, ensuring that their products and services go beyond customers' expectations. Uniview complies with strict component selection, rigorous process control, reliability, and a highly accurate traceability system. To create high-quality products that meet the requirements in Japanese market, Uniview scrutinizes every component and verifies the quality through rigorous tests. These preferred components include thickened PCB boards in cameras, smooth and quiet stepper motors in PTZ dome cameras, car-grade LEDs for IR cameras, magnetic suspension fans in NVR, etc. Uniview was able to show customers its strength in software through their Ultra 265 deep compression technology, StarView and 4K technologies.

At the event, Uniview also displayed face recognition solutions for applications such as chain stores, office buildings, automated factories, schools, and campuses. The high accuracy and fast recognition speed were highly acknowledged by visitors. Additionally, Uniview is trying to develop new trends in Japan's traditional parking industries with license plate recognition solutions for parking management.

Uniview also launched new products such as Mini PTZ 5MP Starlight products and 44X PTZ. Mini PTZ caters to the needs of small shapes in the Japanese market and 44X PTZ shows their high product development ability.

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Uniview is a leading global manufacturer of professional video surveillance devices and solutions. We have been keeping bringing cutting-edge technologies to the industry. Uniview provides complete product lines including network camera, network video recorder, storage, transmission, and display devices. With integrated solutions for various industries – retail, healthcare, finance, transportation, industrial park, etc., we are committed to bringing better security for building a better world.

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