Viettel brings the eSIM technology to Laos, on its way to transform the global telecommunications landscape

VIENTIANE, Laos, March 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Unitel -- Viettel's brand in Laos, has officially become the country's first mobile network operator to launch eSIM technology. eSIM is a sim card built into a phone that allows users to change carriers using their phone settings rather than inserting a new sim.

Not only does this bring convenience to consumers but the eSIM also removes the use of physical sim cards made from solid materials, which would likely increase amount of rubbish in the environment.

As the world advances in technology and environmental consciousness, products like eSIM are becoming more popular. By providing eSIM technology in Laos, Unitel has helped the country rank seventh among 10 ASEAN Member States in terms of supplying the latest telecommunications technology. Although this service was only launched in the beginning of March, Unitel aims to encourage at least 10,000 of its customers to exchange their physical sim card for eSIM by the end of 2020.

Laos is the fourth market in Southeast Asia that Viettel has officially supplied this service to. The Vietnamese telecommunications company is also the first mobile network operator to provide this eSIM technology in Myanmar, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Providing eSIM technology is only the beginning of Viettel's goal of digitally transforming the global telecommunications landscape. The telecommunications giant aims to become the pioneer in Internet of Things technologies that supplies "smart" connections around the world.

"Viettel has well-prepared platforms and infrastructure and has made digital transformations in its fields such as telecommunications and information technology. This includes application of the latest technologies in the world for a more convenient life," said Mr. Tao Duc Thang, the Deputy General Director of Viettel Group.


Another Viettel's brand in Laos, Metfone, has become the first mobile network operator in the market to launch a fast top-up technology via QR code scanning. By using two Metfone applications including My Metfone and digital wallet eMoney (developed and operated by Metfone) to scan QR code, users can top up faster and more conveniently and this technology can completely replace top-up via scratch cards. 



Source: Viettel Group