Xinhua Silk Road: China's largest desert off-road festival attracts 1.2 mln participants

BEIJING, Oct. 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The 14th FB-Life Alxa Hero Festival, which was held in Alxa League of north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region from October 1 to 5, has attracted 1.2 million off-road players, enthusiasts and tourists to enjoy the race.

The festival, founded in 2006, was co-hosted by and the local government in 2019. As the largest off-road vehicle gathering in China, it has seen the participation of nearly 400,000 vehicles this year.

More than 50 activities such as the Team-3 (T3) series competition, all-terrain vehicle grand prix, music carnivals, auto expo, drift racing and firework show were held during the five-day festival.

As the most important event of the festival, the Team-3 series competition that values the collaboration of three vehicles as a team and the sports spirit of taking challenges has always caught the eyes of off-roaders. This year's T3 Challenge and T3 Relay attracted 579 competitors and 346 vehicles to participate in the races.

Highlights of the 14th Alxa Hero Festival also included stunt flying show and unmanned aerial vehicle light performance. During the festival, 500 drones flying in designated formation lighted up the sky of Alxa, pleasing visitors with a visual feast of art and technology.

An Inner Mongolia featured tourism commodity fair was also held. About 130 enterprises showcased tourism products, crafts, creative items with local characteristics that ooze the charm of Inner Mongolia's desert culture, nomadic culture and camel culture.

The annual Alxa Hero Festival has become one of the most significant drivers for the Alxa League to build itself into an international tourism destination. Statistics showed that Alxa Left Banner where the festival was held received more than seven million tourists last year, realizing a tourism income of about 6.4 billion yuan, up 46.91 percent year on year.

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Source: Xinhua Silk Road Information Service