Xinhua Silk Road: Xingbin District of Guangxi's Laibin City celebrates harvest festival to beat drum for local farm produce brands

BEIJING, Sept. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Xingbin, a district in Laibin City of South China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, convened its third crawfish food cultural festival as celebrations for the Chinese farmers' harvest festival to promote local farm produce brands.

The food cultural festival is one of the six main activities for Guangxi to celebrate the harvest festival this year, reflecting the district's efforts into deepening agricultural supply side reform to enhance competitiveness of local agriculture sector, build beautiful local rural areas and help local farmers get rich.

By paying great attention to quality and safety of farm produce and cultivation and application of non-polluted, green and organic agricultural products and geographical indications of agricultural products, Xingbin District has crafted a batch of locally incubated national and provincial farm produce brands.

By late September, the district has 21 enterprises which possessed 26 non-polluted agricultural products or green food products.

Lan Haipeng, deputy secretary of the district party committee and head of the district government in Xingbin, said that recent years, the district has firmly adhered to the road of developing green agriculture, enhancing agricultural competiveness via science and technological means, optimizing agricultural product quality and reforming agriculture sector to benefit farmers. As a result, Xingbin District has successfully created a local county into a national-level fishery healthy breeding demonstration county.

What's more, "Laibin Sugarcane" won the national geographical indication registration for agricultural products, and "Beihui Rice" and "Sanli Crayfish" obtained certification from Hong Kong Standards and Testing Center, all of which propelled greatly development of local modern agriculture and helped realize harvest of farmers.

After the food culture festival, Xingbin will continue to focus on optimizing farm produce varieties, quality and brands to craft more characteristic agricultural industry brands and facilitate the brand concept improvement of enterprises and work on brand management to further sharpen the influences and competitiveness of agricultural products of Xingbin.

By far this year, other harvest festival celebrating activities were also held in six places in Guangxi and in the past three years, more than 1,500 activities have been kicked off by local governments of Guangxi to celebrate the harvest festival and help farmers.

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Source: Xinhua Silk Road