Zhang Jindong Praised Suning Women's Football Club for a Quadruple Crown

NANJING, China, Nov. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- In the evening of 19 November, the Chairman of Suning Holdings Group, Zhang Jindong presented the victory gala, giving a speech to praise the players' toughness and strength, and to appeal all guests to jointly support the development of Chinese football. He said 'the female football players did their best to achieve such honors and I'm so proud of them. I consider the players as examples to encourage social organizations to participate the football industry, to attract more younger people to have the same passion for football and to promote the development of football in China.'

After a victory over Dalian, Jiangsu Suning Football Club won the 2019 Chinese Women's Super Cup on 17 November, achieving 'Quadruple Crown' this season. Jiangsu also set a record and won the championships of Women's Super League, FA Cup and FA Tournament.

After taking the management in 2016, Suning made a comprehensive investment and optimization in operation systems, tactic systems, medical recovery and living support. Thus Jiangsu Suning Women Football Club has made a giant step forward in improving club's performance. In addition, more than 8 players represented national team for international matches.

Recently, Sony became the main sponsor for Suning Women Football Club, mainly because of the outstanding performance in 2019. As a result of exploring more business opportunities, Suning continuously focuses on the growth of club brand awareness. Zhang Jindong mentioned that Suning will enhance all kinds of support for players and coaches with better living and training standards. Furthermore, Suning will propel the development of all sport properties, including PP Sports, FC Internazionale Milano, and to combine all advantageous resources to accelerate the whole sport industry's progress. In the future, Suning will also send the best Chinese football players to Italy to learn advanced football knowledge and to train in a more competitive field.

He also mentioned that Chinese football is at a stage of low ROI. Enterprises often have to undertake the economic pressure due to the uncertainty of competition. So, how to find a sustainable solution has become an inevitable topic for each club. Except for the commercial sponsorship, the completion of youth training is the key for the success of Chinese football. The club, the government and society should act closely to work on the infrastructure construction and help Chinese football to develop in a health and sustainable way.

About Suning Holdings Group

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Source: Suning Holdings Group