ZTE pioneers innovative green solution for zero-carbon communication for Telefónica Germany

  • ZTE achieved a significant milestone by successfully implementing a zero-carbon energy solution for a telecom site of Telefónica Germany
  • This successful case provides valuable experience for future applications and challenges for the supply of rural areas

BARCELONA, Spain, Feb. 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a global leading provider of information and communication technology solutions, has achieved a significant milestone by successfully implementing a zero-carbon energy solution that supplies a telecom site of Telefónica Germany. This groundbreaking project utilizes ZTE's innovative green power solution that combines solar energy, methanol-powered hydrogen fuel cells, and intelligent energy storage.

ZTE pioneers innovative green solution for zero-carbon communication for Telefónica Germany
ZTE pioneers innovative green solution for zero-carbon communication for Telefónica Germany

The collaboration between ZTE and Telefónica Germany marks the first commercial deployment of such a green solution in Germany. For network operation, Telefónica Germany uses technology from one of its national network suppliers. Challenges arise when it comes to accessing grid power in remote locations, as it often involves lengthy construction periods and high costs. To overcome these obstacles, ZTE explored a new green and efficient solution for Telefónica Germany that meet the demands of a rapidly changing world. The final implementation took into account environmental friendliness, sustainability, and affordability, demonstrating superior performance in multiple areas.

The proposed solution from ZTE solves multiple challenges by combining solar power with methanol-powered hydrogen fuel cells. By relying primarily on solar energy and supplementing with hydrogen fuel cells during winter, the solution achieves 100% power availability, ensuring uninterrupted energy supply for the telecom site – and therefore smooth communication services for the residents in the remote area as well as eliminating worries about disruptions with their connectivity to the global network.

The green solution stands out for its minimal carbon footprint. The combination of solar energy and methanol-powered hydrogen fuel cells results in only water and a minimal amount of carbon dioxide as byproducts. This not only reduces carbon emissions but also aligns with the high standards for sustainable development set by the German government and enterprises. By adopting this ultimate green energy solution, Telefónica Germany demonstrates its commitment to environmental responsibility and sets an example for other companies in the telecommunications industry.

Furthermore, the solution, leverages methanol hydrogen production within the module, and thereby eliminates the risks associated with hydrogen storage and transportation, making it safer and more environment-friendly compared to traditional hydrogen fuel cells. Backed up with this reliable and secure energy supply, Telefónica Germany delivers excellent communication services without compromising safety or sustainability at the pilot site.

ZTE's green solution can be extended to other European operators, contributing to the industry-wide goal of carbon neutrality. By sharing its expertise, ZTE is dedicated to driving the telecommunications industry towards a greener and more sustainable future.

ZTE has been committed to continuous innovations for carbon neutrality. The company will actively explore new and diverse application scenarios in collaboration with its partners, making substantial contributions to both society and the environment.

About Telefónica Germany:
O2 Telefónica is a leading full-service provider of telecommunications services for consumers and business customers. The portfolio of the core brand O2 and various secondary and partner brands includes not only traditional telephony and Internet connections but also innovative digital services in the area of the Internet of Things and data analysis. In mobile communications, O2 Telefónica serves more than 45 million mobile lines (incl. M2M - as of December 31, 2023). No other network operator connects more people in this country. The company's high-performance, award-winning mobile network reaches over 99% of the population. In the fixed network, O2 Telefónica offers its customers the greatest technological diversity and geographical availability of any provider in Germany. Telefónica Deutschland Holding AG has been listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since 2012. In fiscal year 2023, the company generated revenues of EUR 8.6 billion with around 7,500 employees. The company is majority-owned by the Madrid-based Spanish telecommunications group Telefónica S.A., one of the largest telecommunications groups in the world.

ZTE helps to connect the world with continuous innovation for a better future. The company provides innovative technologies and integrated solutions, and its portfolio spans all series of wireless, wireline, devices and professional telecommunications services. Serving over a quarter of the global population, ZTE is dedicated to creating a digital and intelligent ecosystem, and enabling connectivity and trust everywhere. ZTE is listed on both the Hong Kong and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges.


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