12th China International Roofing & Waterproofing Expo will Take Place in July

SHANGHAI, May 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The 12th China International Roofing & Waterproofing Expo (R&W2014) will be held from July 17 to 19, 2014 at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center, according to sources from China National Building Waterproof Association (CWA), the organizer of the expo. Co-organizers for the expo include China National Building Materials Group and the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA).

With rapid economic development in China, demand for waterproofing materials for infrastructure construction, including for the construction of railways, airports, highways and ports, is increasingly high. In addition, with numerous regulations and controls imposed by the government at a macroeconomic level, a high number of infrastructure construction projects as well as the rapid urbanization of the country will significantly boost the demand for and production of waterproofing materials.

R&W 2014 brings the entire waterproofing industry to a whole new level against the current favorable environment.

"Compared with previous China International Roofing & Waterproofing Expo, R&W 2014 will introduce several innovative elements," said Mr. Gou Lifeng, the Manager of Exhibition Dept. of CWA, adding that the expo this year will become the best interactive exchange platform for the vast number of exhibitors and professional visitors who want to keep up with the cutting-edge technologies and products in the international waterproofing industry.

Grand scale of the theme exhibition area

According to materials provided by China National Building Waterproof Association (CWA), the 25,000-square-meter R&W 2014 will house 1,500 international standard exhibition booths. A record number of companies from within China and abroad, more than 350 in total, will take part in the expo.

Meanwhile the content of this expo is expanding from the waterproofing system to the entire roof. The exhibition will include individual exhibition areas for companies from Zhejiang, Shanghai and Liaoning, as well as the international pavilions with foreign exhibitors from America, Germany, France, Russia, India, Brazil and Japan. Metal roof and tiled roof pavilions have been exclusively installed to showcase a systemized development of the roof system. These new and innovative features will enhance the comprehensiveness and professionalism of the event and provide a one-stop exhibition and sales service for buyers and visitors.

A variety of solutions deliver better results

Unlike previous events, R&W 2014 will showcase eleven waterproofing system solutions including systems for plant roofing, metal roofing, single ply roofing, cool roofing, tile roofing, light steel structures, integrated solar roofing, underground waterproofing, slope roof waterproofing, exterior wall waterproofing and exterior window waterproofing, providing a fully comprehensive show space for exhibitors while demonstrating new proofing system solutions to visitors.

With the approach of the event, R&W 2014 has been well positioned to bring a whole new professional experience to international exhibitors and visitors. We are looking forward to your participation.

Source: China National Building Waterproof Association (CWA)