2011 SINOCES - An Industrial Exchange Developing Industry and Trade

2011-07-07 19:01 1025

QINGDAO, China, July 7, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- The China International Consumer Electronics Show (SINOCES) is sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Shandong Provincial Government, and America's Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), and organized by the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products (CCCME) and Qingdao Municipal Government. It is the only national-level professional consumer electronics show approved by the State Council and the only consumer electronics show in the Asia-Pacific region recognized and promoted by the US government. It is the only show in China jointly sponsored with the world's largest consumer electronics show, the CES.

The past ten years of development of SINOCES is the "Golden Decade" for rapid expansion and dramatic technological upgrade of the global consumer electronics market. With ten years of effort and ten years of development, our country has become the largest manufacture base and the second largest market in the world for consumer electronics. In 2010 the total income of our city’s consumer electronics industry reached 7.8 trillion yuan, a year on year increase of 29.5%; our import and export of consumer electronics amounted to 593.5 billion US dollars, accounting for 20% of the total import and export of China. Haier, Lenovo and Huawei etc. These Chinese consumer electronics providers are gradually growing into international group corporations of world influence. With strong supports from the stable Chinese economic environment, preferential industrial policies and a great domestic demand, SINOCES is expanding its scale at a rate of nearly 20% each year and receiving worldwide recognition from global consumer electronics industry. SINOCES has become an exhibition of new technologies and products, an opportunity for business cooperation and a gathering place for high-end industrial exchange in Asia, with tremendous scale and strong influence. It is an effective springboard for overseas companies to enter Chinese market, one of the best portals for Chinese companies to enter the world market, and a major power propelling the development of global consumer electronics industry.

The CES has become a brand name exhibition, the organizing committee of which the CES has been conducting prospective thematic studies in line with the development trend of this industry. The theme of annual show has complied with the development trend, and thus making the show gain wide recognition and favor in the electronics community and become the wind vane of the development of this industry. Currently, the application of cloud computing in life and work has become the future development trend in the electronics industry. Under the theme of linking the world and shaping the future through cloud computing, this show displays the latest technologies, products and ideas such as cloud computing, network integration, green and low-carbon concept, mobile network and multi-display interaction, and further explores the new industrial conformations and business patterns, thus showing the great linked world in consumer electronics industry.

The 2011 SINOCES will be held at the Qingdao International Convention Center on July 7, 2011.

1. The scale and level of this exhibition has hit a record high.

There are 532 exhibitors, an increase of 29 over the previous year. In total 1667 standard stands are provided, covering an area of 40 thousand square meters. Among these participating enterprises, there are 89 well-known enterprises, among which 15 electronics enterprises are in the domestic top 100, accounting for 17% of the total. The number of the exhibitors has also hit a record high. The level of the exhibition continues to rise. There are 116 exhibitors that have set up specially designed stands, accounting for 21.8% of the total. Areas of specially designed stands amount to almost 20 thousand square meters, accounting for half of the total. Breakthroughs are made in publicity, which has attracted famous enterprises for the first time, like Microsoft, AOC, Inspur, and Da Nippon Printing Corporation.

2. The levels of exhibits and technologies continue to be upgraded.

As a platform to release information on the frontiers of consumer electronics and technologies, SINOCES attracts the world’s best innovative products and technologies to the exhibition every year. In this year's SINOCES, CEA will continue to organize an exhibition group with 27 World Top Innovation Award products, the largest number since. It has attracted products of such kind for three consecutive years. Panasonic will display a 103-inch 3D Plasma TV while Microsoft will exhibit a latest computer game product - XBOX. New products and technologies from the Academy of OPTO-Electronics, CAS and enterprises such as Sailing, Haier and Hisense will be first released in this SINOCES. The smart appliances and solutions to a complete smart home of Internet of Things will be exhibited by Haier, Siemens, and Midea. The visitors can enjoy the whole new experience of the products with the most innovative design and best engineering technologies in the present market.

3. The theme summit will become the theoretical strongholds for the development of consumer electronics industry.

SINOCES will organize 21 activities, including professional forums and technology gatherings place. The theme summit will focus on cloud computing, the currently most popular theory and the subjects of speeches will cover the latest hot topics of the industry, involving digital city, integration of three networks, green manufacturing and smart appliances. Leaders of multinational companies such as Siemens and Intel, famous entrepreneurs, Yao Jianquan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Niu Wenyuan, chief scientist of CAS and relevant experts in electronics will attend the forum and give talks. They will discuss with the consumer electronics enterprises on the application of cloud computing and the approach to make a breakthrough in the future of consumer electronics industry.

4. The structure of three dimensional channel provides the participants opportunities for business exchange.

The exhibition will bring together the international VIP purchasers, domestic large chains, the second- and third-tier distributors, the internet service providers, and create opportunities for the participants to build networks of on-line and off-line three dimensional channels as well as promote the trade, gather consumption demands and expand the channel in an all-round way. Internationally well-known retailers and world famous purchasers including America's Best Buy, UK's Tesco, and Thailand's Lotus and Auchan will purchase hundreds of consumer electronics products and it is estimated that the total purchase value will surpass one hundred million US dollars. Large e-commerce business enterprises such as Amazon, Dangdang, Jingdong Mall, have strong desire for procurement. The relevant organizations such as chambers of commerce and associations from America, Japan, Israel, Australia, Korea, Taiwan and Southeast Asia will join the exhibition and purchasing products. Moreover, this is the first time for the United Nations trade procurement promotion center to attend the exhibition, and the explanation session on procurement will be held during the exhibition with the aim to assist more targeted consumer electronics entrepreneurs to become the UN registered suppliers and help more consumer electronics enterprises to enter the global trade market through the UN procurement.

5. Great support has been given to the 2011 SINOCES by sponsoring ministries and commissions with high attention.

Organizations, such as the Ministry of Commerce (MOC), Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), and Shandong Provincial Government, all attach great importance to the development of SINOCES, with their chiefs attending opening ceremonies and other related events during every previous session of SINOCES, and detailed support and assistance were offered in the promotion of this session. This year's SINOCES will be attended by over 20 important leaders and distinguished guests, including Gu Xiulian, Vice Chairperson of the 10th Standing Committee of NPC, Jiang Yaoping, Vice Minister of MOC, Cao Jianlin, Vice Minister of MOST, Zhou Zixue, Chief Economist of MIIT, Cai Limin, Deputy Governor of Shandong Provincial People’s Government, Gary Shapiro, President and CEO of the CEA of US, and commercial counselors from embassies and consulates of the US, UK, Japan, Brazil, India and Egypt in China.

The CEA has participated in the whole process of operation of this year's SINOCES. They designed the promotion plan and promoted SINOCES among their registered customers all over the world, using the networks and resources of the CEA, and communicated with over 50 international buyers. The CES has added the link of SINOCES website into its official site and demonstrated a token of SINOCES on a special topic in Smart Brief magazine and Vision magazine respectively. Mr. Gary Shapiro, President and CEO of the CEA will attend the summit forum of SINOCES and deliver a speech as well. The top two consumer electronics shows are working hand in hand, in search of opportunities for global consumer electronics industry.

As an industrial organization to provide services in import and export trade, statistics and analysis of China consumer electronics, CCCME is active in promoting the healthy development of China consumer electronics industry. Over the years, CCCME has been attaching great importance to the development of SINOCES. CCCME has been one of the organizers for SINOCES for three successive years.

The show is boosting the development of industry and trade. They complement and promote each other. The improvement of industry needs the promotion and cooperation of a fully developed show,and the rising and high-speed development of industry will also make the show more and more specialized and professional. Therefore, the developing consumer electronics industry in China needs a show in a corresponding position to display. With the increase of our economic power, the position of Chinese consumer electronic enterprises is improving in global trade system. However, Chinese enterprises don't have the power of influence and right to speak corresponding to our economic power in global trade. For example, although Chinese enterprises have made more and more frequent attendance in world first-class electronic shows such as CES, CeBit, and IFA, it is still difficult for us to play the leading role in such shows for various reasons. A successful exhibition not only sets a gathering place for attracting people's attention, and builds a bridge between the enterprises to finalize a transaction, but also reflects the market characteristics and trend of the industry. Relevant enterprises can obtain the latest trend of the markets concerned through SINOCES, so as to be clearer about their own strategic management concepts and medium and long term working goals.

In the past ten years, the organizing committee of SINOCES has cooperated with exhibitors, traders, media and associations, with the ideas of specialization, marketization, opening and sharing. It insists on innovating by exploring continuously, perceiving the market changes observantly, and providing motive power for creating core value as well as the latest and most authoritative market information for enterprises, in order to become the significant driving force for the development of global consumer electronics industries. We will try our best to build it into an exhibition of the latest technologies and products in Asia, the biggest platform for business cooperation, a gathering place for highest-level industrial exchange and the most influential platform for optimizing the industry chain. SINOCES has become the best stage for China's Consumer Electronics enterprises to show themselves completely.

Source: 2011 SINOCES