2012: Institutional Evolution and Market Integrity

2011-11-03 21:04 759

BEIJING, November 3, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- On December 9, The 10th China Entrepreneur Summit 2011, the most influential annual feast of thinking for the business circle in China, will be convened ceremoniously.

In the upcoming year of 2012, the business circle cherishes full anticipation toward optimization of market system and respect of market dignity.

How should entrepreneurs continue to bring out innovative, adventurous, and pioneering entrepreneur spirit, in order to make still greater contributions to China's economic construction and social progress?

In 2011, domestic and overseas economic situations have undergone complicated changes, so who is now bucking the trend? Who is playing the role of market leader? Who is using creativity to change the world? Who is influencing the world with outlook of value?

From December 9 to 11, The 10th China Entrepreneur Summit 2011, the most influential annual summit for the business circle in China, will be held ceremoniously at Trade Hotel in Beijing. Several dozens of enterprise leaders, nearly one thousand industry elites, famous scholars and government officials will join hands to attend the event. Together they will present a feast of thinking to the business circle.

Under the theme of "2012: System Evolution and Market Dignity," this round of the annual Summit, an event jointly organized by "China Entrepreneur" magazine and China Entrepreneur Club, will unfold discussion around the hottest topics in the current business circle.

"The evolutionary road of China's business system is still fraught with twists and turns, the road to restore market dignity is still full of difficulty." When talking about the theme of this year's annual summit, He Zhenhong, Director of "China Entrepreneur" magazine said, "We must condemn the improper behaviors of some enterprises for lack of credibility, wanton trample of business rules and contract spirit; on the other hand, we must also realize that the system backdrops behind various violations of business ethics. The most typical is excessive intervention by public power and repeated cases of anti-market behaviors such as 'the state advances and the private sector retreats'." In the upcoming year of 2012, the business circle still cherishes anticipation toward the prospects of optimizing the market system and respecting the market dignity.

According to the Organizing Committee of the annual summit, this round of Summit will center on the theme to organize over a dozen forums, salons and luncheon parties, during which discussions will unfold over macro, medium and micro topics on the business frontline, including "2012: Restore Market Dignity," "Re-build balance in Global Economy: China Opportunity," "Reasonable Growth and Corporate Strategy," "Consumption Revolution: Grasp the Driving Force in Domestic Demand," "Manufacture Industry Besieged by High Cost: From Price Competition to Value Competition," "The Future of Real Estate Industry: No More Glory?," "Gold Rush in the Mobile Internet," "E-Commerce Impact Wave," "Enterprise Inheritance: The Way of Relay," "Financing Strategies Under Tight Monetary Policy", "The Age of Local Leadership for Multinational Corporations," "New Globalization in the Turbulent Global Market: Opportunity and Pitfall," "'Crisis Management' in Micro Age," "Venture Enterprise and Investors: Long Time Partners" and "Cultivation of Leadership In an Organization." Each forum will invite top domestic enterprise leaders to make in-depth discussion, and interact with the attending guests.

In 2002, shouldering the historical mission of "making Chinese business more respectable," China Entrepreneur Summit was kicked off; today it is witnessing its tenth anniversary. The Summit is dedicated to promoting the connection between government and enterprises, facilitating the integration between local and global business wisdom. Over the past decade, with the increasing globalization of the Chinese economy and the continual advance in its global economic standing, the Summit has discussed key topics including "The Chinese Path for New Business Civilization," "Business Ethics in the Globalized Age," "Chinese Year Mark in the Global Business Circle" and "Business Force that Determines the Future". After a decade-long endeavor and ten years of persistence, today China Entrepreneur Summit has become a high-end platform for giants in the business circle, senior government officials, and academic personalities to meet one another and pioneer business trends. It has also evolved into an annual top class business gathering to converge entrepreneurial spirit, display entrepreneur image and individuality, for which it has earned unanimous attention and acknowledgement from the business circle.

During the sideline of this summit, a prize-awarding ceremony will also be held for the "25 Most Influential Corporate Leaders" in 2011. In 2010, entrepreneurs including Jack Ma, Cao Guowei, Chen Dongsheng, Guo Guangchang, Jin Zhiguo, Li Shufu, Robin Li, Liu Yonghao, Ma Huateng, Ning Gaoning were awarded this honorable title. As the most influential list of corporate leaders in China, the list is widely acknowledged by business leaders and personalities in the business circle. Each year all the award-receiving entrepreneurs would personally show up at the prize-awarding ceremony to receive the prize.

Source: China Entrepreneur Magazine