Australia-based SONIQ TVs receives highly-coveted Appliance Prize

2014-03-24 21:00 892

SHANGHAI, March 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Winners of the AWE2014 Appliance Prize, the most coveted award of the home appliance industry, were announced in Shanghai on March 19. Due to high product quality and excellent reputation among consumers, SONIQ TV was one of the recipients of the Appliance Prize - Most Popular Products award during its debut at AWE2014. The award was voted by consumers based on popularity and ease of use. SONIQ TV was the sole Australian-based internet brand at AWE2014. It is the sole international brand that has sought to make a foray into the Chinese market in the past decade. SONIQ receiving the Most Popular Products award shows that the brand is receiving wide recognition in both Australia and China.

"Caring for the Environment, Enjoying Our Life"-themed AWE2014 gives visitors insights into the development of global high technology-backed home appliances as well as a better living experience as a result of cutting-edge products. The word "appliance" is transliterated into Chinese as ai pu lan, meaning creating a beautiful and natural life via home appliances. The Appliance Prize is widely recognized as the most authoritative home appliance award in China.

SONIQ TV displayed a series of cutting-edge products featuring the world's most advanced technologies being integrated into smart TVs during AWE2014, allowing Chinese home appliance consumers to get a close peak at Australian-based high-tech internet products and to experience SONIQ's brand promise to make life easier.

SONIQ's Ultimate 55-inch borderless ultra-thin smart TV showcased at the expo comes with imported IPS Full HD (1920x1080) LCD display modules and an anti-glare polarized 3D system that supports the national standard for digital 3D content at the TruMotion 100Hz rate, creating vivid and clear images that do not blur when there is lots of movement on the screen. In addition to the trendsetting borderless and ultra-thin designs, the Ultimate TV is powered by an ARM9 dual-core CPU and quad-core GPU. The practical and simple to use Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) back-end platform is enabled by its advanced ACE-PROU2 image processing engine that supports high-quality images.

Highlights of the products on display at the event include the four-part energy-saving mode, OPC dynamic backlight control, automatic calculation of images' light-dark ratio and dynamic control of the unique algorithm. These features allow for better contrast between black and white, saving energy with no compromise on image quality and viewing experience. Moreover, the intelligent Cinavision control platform supports the convenience of a smart internet connection, providing users with a simple, intuitive set of controls. The integration of a 4G full keyboard, an OFN mouse and a remote control allows for easy text input.

Industry players were impressed by a dozen smart TV models with supporting electronics products displayed by SONIQ at the expo. As an example, the SONIQ 84-inch 4K Ultra HD smart TV is equipped with an 84-inch screen, imported LG display modules and 3D features as a standard configuration, creating a stunning visual effect. With an ARM Cortex A9 Dual Core CPU processor and imported LG modules powered by TruMotion technology, the 4K Ultra HD screen enables a 3840x2160 resolution and excellent 3D performance, offering consumers unmatched quality and a crystal clear viewing experience. The SONIQ 55-inch smart TV model is equipped with imported LG 55-inch modules and 3D features as a standard configuration and enhanced by its all-metal borderless design. With a LG IPS display, the SONIQ Classic slim-frame 55-inch smart TV supports a 1920x1080 resolution and 3D features. These high internet performance products have received positive responses and high appraisals from consumers.

Soniq Digital Smart Solution Limited is an international group specializing in the manufacture of internet smart TVs, computers, communication equipment and electronics. In recent years, the company has invested heavily in international communication-based businesses, especially the new media business based on the mobile internet and smart TV. Established in the early 1990s in Australia, the company has now established a global presence. The company, headquartered in Hong Kong, has branches or offices in Australia, New Zealand, India, Southeast Asia, Europe, the U.S. and mainland China.

SONIQ, the world's earliest developer of internet TV, became a household name in Australia and in several regions around the world after setting up the best-selling international TV brand, SONIQ TV, in 2000. After nearly a decade of development in Australia, SONIQ has established a stable customer base and presence. Its SONIQ TV brand has ranked first in terms of market share among Australia's home-grown consumer electronics brands for several years. According to rankings published by Australia's third-party research firm Canstar Blue in late 2013, SONIQ and LG tied for the first place in terms of overall customer satisfaction with TV products in Australia and won the most prestigious "Customer Satisfaction Award".

Sunny Zeng, Chairman of SONIQ, is pleased to announce that the company will officially release its new SONIQ smart TV targeting the Chinese market at China World Hotel in Beijing on April 22, and invites the media and consumers to stay tuned for more information about the release.

Source: Soniq