CCww, a Leader in Wireless Protocol-Stack Solutions, and Winity Technology, a Leader in Wireless System Design / Integration, Announce Immediate Availability of an Eco-Platform for GSM/GPRS Terminals

2007-02-06 08:58 941

BOURNEMOUTH, England, and TAIPEI, Feb. 6 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- STAR (Single-chip Terminal ARchitecture) combines an innovative, flexible and comprehensive eco-platform with Silicon Laboratories’ AeroFONE(TM) single-chip phone, providing the most cost-effective and best time-to-market solution for terminal developers creating GPRS modems, and handsets from ULC to high-end. STAR is available as a turn-key solution or as a software toolkit for immediate licensing. It includes:

-- STAR-Base: framework for RTOS, diagnostics, peripherals, and

memory configuration

-- STAR-Stack: CCww’s GSM/GPRS protocol-stack solutions

-- STAR-Sign: full-feature MMI

-- STAR-Player: range of music / video formats

-- STAR-Tune: FM-tuner

-- STAR-Camera: camera capture/playback

-- STAR-Creator: software toolkit options

-- STAR-Maker: download, calibration and test solutions

-- STAR-Quality: support, customisation and service

Pre-configured solutions for maximising time-to-market:

-- STAR-Lite GPRS modem

-- STAR-Talk: ULC GSM handset with MP3 player

-- STAR-Shine: adds, FM, Bluetooth, SD-MMC card

-- STAR-Power: adds camera/video option

"It’s been a hectic 18 months creating the multi-media framework and codecs, and validating the STAR eco-platform with CCww," said John Wong, CEO of Winity, "and we’re pleased to announce the leading single-chip approach that simplifies the creation of innovative products."

Richard Carter, Managing Director of CCww and CTO of CCasia, added, "STAR addresses the cost and time-to-market pressures with the most powerful and flexible single-chip eco-platform that maximise the advantages of AeroFONE(TM).

Find out how the STAR single-core eco-platform can speed the introduction of your next-generation product family by visiting CCww on Stand: 2A98 Hall No: 2 level 0.

About CCww

Communications Consultants Worldwide Ltd. (CCww) has a strong reputation over 10 years providing wireless innovation to industry-leading companies, powering more than 50 sector-leading handsets. CCww supplies a complete range of IP for GSM/GPRS/EGPRS protocol-stacks, proven on 6 chipsets. With CCasia, its joint venture partner, CCww creates reference designs, manages conformance testing and optimises production.

Winity Technology

Winity Technology Inc., founded 2004 and incorporating CCasia, is a System Integration solutions agent company, focussed on mobile-phone applications IP. CCasia’s engineers comprise the original core teams of TI Asia Reference Design (revenue $0.5B/yr) and HTC Wireless System Division (creation of 7 smart-phones). This cumulative experience gives CCasia engineers familiarity with handset design and production on 50 networks.

Source: CCww Ltd
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