CNPV's Customers Qualify for a 10% Premium on Italian FiTs

2012-01-30 18:54 1041

LUXEMBOURG and DONGYING, China, Jan. 30, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- CNPV Solar Power SA, a public limited liability company organized under the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and a leading integrated manufacturer of solar photovoltaic products, today announced external confirmation of significant European content within their polycrystalline modules, qualifying them for an additional 10% premium on the Italian feed in tariffs.

Mr. Bypina Veerraju Chaudary, CNPV's COO & CTO qualified the position in more detail, "The updated Conto Energia IV feed-in tariff (FiT) policy, allows for a premium FiT payment for 'Made in Europe' modules. This clear positive payment differential has a significant financial impact for our customers. Many of our component elements are of European origin, as a result of our technical performance and quality criteria selection processes; this in part contributes to our validated competitive benefits when observing power harvested and value in use. The amended Italian FiT policy ascribes the 10% premium payment when the EU made components constitute at least 60% of the cost of the PV system. It was therefore a matter of obtaining a confirming certificate for us to attain the 'Made in EU' insignia. It is particularly exciting when our decisions, such as raw material selection for technical superiority, can then provide further unforeseen external commercial benefits to our customers."

The raw material and component testing was carried out in this case by the Institute of Industrial Certification for Mechanics (ICIM). While the period of testing was controlled by the extent and depth of the investigation into each element of the supply chain, the qualification for the premium is effective immediately. 

Back to CNPV's COO & CTO; "The successes CNPV continues to yield in both emerging and established global solar markets are the results of our ongoing commitment to meeting the varying needs of regional customers. Achieving 'Made in EU' status is an additional vital component to earning the lasting trust of customers in Italy and throughout Europe, as well as supporting European suppliers who provide the technical superiority that we encompass. Utilising this approach, our customers can have it all; techno-commercial advantages, support of local industry and the luxury of a premium payment on higher harvest numbers." 

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