Centec and TryStack Jointly Unveil Open Cloud Solution

2013-11-06 07:00 1052

-- Physical Switch to Accelerate High Performance OpenStack Application

HONG KONG, Nov. 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Centec Networks and TryStack jointly announced an OPEN Cloud Solution based on OpenStack and physical SDN Switch in OpenStack Summit 2013. This solution aims to improve the performance of the network virtualization of cloud computing using hardware based SDN switch platform. It enables OpenStack deployment to provide higher performance, more secure and more valuable service to client.

As one of the mainstream open-source software for cloud computing, OpenStack has been increasingly deployed for Computing/Storage/Networking virtualization. In real deployments, the network performance bottleneck has gradually become the key obstructer for virtualization of larger scalability. With the innovative "vSpeed" technology provided by Centec's V350 SDN switch, this solution offloads the networking operations including GRE and MPLS tunnel to SDN switches, such functions are used to be performed by software in the servers with much lower performance. Hardware offloading enabled by "vSpeed" saves more CPU resource for computing and storage. The current released solution supports 10 thousands of virtual machines and 10K tunnels, with test results of 50% performance improvement.

Centec V350 SDN switch, compliant with OpenFlow1.3, can seamless connect to OpenStack platform via OpenStack plug-in. Committed to "OPEN", the OpenStack plug-in will be contributed into the Neutron project as open source. Furthermore, there is Open source roadmap for Centec SDN Switch, which would enable users to build fully customized cloud solutions.

Du Yujie, the Director of community development of said, "A member of has jointly announced a reliable cloud computing architecture based on OpenStack with Centec, the leading core silicon and whitebox switch vendor, to solve the problems they encountered during deployment of the cloud for their client such as the problems of security, performance and stability. As one of the most important part of this solution, the advantages shown by SDN acceleration win the approval from our clients even in the large-scale deployment."

"As SDN arises, this is the general trend of the horizontal segmentation on the industry chain," said Tao Gu, VP of business development of Centec Networks, "TryStack is one of the most active OpenStack communities in China whose mission is to advocate Trusted OpenStack Cloud architecture. As a leading innovator of core silicon and whitebox switch vendor, Centec is very pleased to cooperate with to boost the high quality application service of cloud computing to provide a wide-open and cost-effective overall solution for network virtualization of cloud computing."

Source: Centec Networks