Centec Unveils V350 OPEN SDN Platform

---- Boosting Real SDN Deployment with large flow table and OF-Config

SUZHOU, China, September 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Centec Networks, a leading innovator of IP/Ethernet switching silicon and advanced turnkey system solutions, announced its new V350 open SDN platform with native OpenFlow1.3 support, OF-Config implementation and N-Flow innovation. The V350 series open SDN Platform won the first ever SDN Idol award at ONS in April 2013. The new platform provides large flow tables and standardized management interfaces to accelerate SDN deployment based on latest OpenFlow1.3.

V350 Series, with its industrial leading cost and performance, is designed for volume deployment of various SDN applications as SDN/Openflow based load-balancers, Data Center gateways, Security appliances and Data Center ToR switches.

Powered by Centec's new generation of SDN-optimized GreatBelt (CTC5163) switching silicon with innovative N-FlowTM architecture, V350 features:

  • Up to 64K flows without using expensive and power inefficient external TCAM
  • Application-oriented multiple flow tables with programmable match fields and programmable actions
  • Proved interoperability of OpenFlow 1.3 with the leading SDN controllers and switches
  • OF-Config 1.1 and extensions for standard based management interface

"Centec V series open SDN platforms are already deployed in our data centers for DDoS mitigation solution. With the new V350 platform, Centec has made significant enhancements to their already unsurpassed OpenFlow capabilities, with the expanded maximum number of flows, multiple flow tables, and greater flexibility," said Tamihiro Yuzawa at Sakura Internet, a Data Center Service Provider in Japan. "The power and flexibility V350 brings to the market will enable more technology driven Data Center service providers to build large scale SDN applications."

"White-box SDN/OpenFlow solutions are important to the SDN eco-system. We are happy to see Centec pioneering in providing industrial leading cost and performance required for real life volume deployment," said Mo Xianfeng, CTO of Ucloud, a leading cloud computing vendor in China. "Ucloud is deploying Centec's V Series platform for SDN based public cloud services. The large flow table embedded in Centec's V350 enables Ucloud to achieve tenant isolation and per customer broadcast/multicast all at hardware level, offering much higher performance than the previous software based solution."

"Since unveiling our first V Series OPEN SDN Platform in 2012, we have built strong SDN use-cases in Cloud Computing, Data Center Interconnecting, Loading Balancing and Security applications with our partners and customers across US, Japan and China," said Tao Gu, VP of business development of Centec Networks. "The new V350 platform brings lower cost, higher performance and industrial leading SDN innovations to further help the industry in building more cost effective and more scalable SDN applications."

About Centec Networks

Centec Networks is a leading innovator in high-performance carrier-grade IP/Ethernet switching silicon and advanced ODM/OEM system solutions. Since 2005, Centec has delivered a series of silicon and system products, covering a wide range of carrier access and aggregation market. Centec's cutting-edge silicon products and system solutions enable telecom/network equipment vendors to build complete product portfolios with dramatically reduced development costs and rapidly improved time-to-market. Centec Networks is a pioneer in building innovation in silicon and system solution for SDN.

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