Chinese National Skincare Brand E-Angela Unveils Latest Research Achievement

BEIJING, June 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- High-end China-based multinational skincare brand--E-Angela has applied an innovative cell factor freeze drying process on high-end skincare products for the first time worldwide.

Cell factor freeze-drying technology applied to high-end skincare products for the first time worldwide

E-Angela contains special cell viability factors developed by Hong Kong Ling-CH's International research and development team. To keep the factor's biological activity intact, the team has developed the world pioneering high-speed ultralow-temperature (at -80C) vacuum freeze-drying technology used in aseptic conditions to create freeze-dried powder containing cell viability factors. Cell viability factors require a specific environment to work effectively, for example bioactive factors in high concentrations kept at room temperature have a very short shelf life. Biological freeze-drying is the only method that can guarantee the effectiveness and therapeutic function of these valuable factors. The active factor created by this process is known as "cell viability freeze-drying factor", and the process currently is the most advanced and effective way to keep the viability of the active factor intact. When used in concert with facial masks, the factor can effectively react with skin cells, promoting the proliferation of collencyte in the corium layer, which, in turn, speeds up the healing process and postpones skin aging.

"Today the skincare market in China has entered a stage of fierce competition with many diverse products available. You can find thousands of brands within each price range, with every possible level of effectiveness and brand reputation. However rarely have we seen a Chinese national skincare brand that has prevailed in world markets. E-Angela had made great progress in the effectiveness and properties and service quality, enhancing the status and value of the brand and creating an international skincare brand that puts a positive light on the term 'made in China'," said Lee Ling-Hui, E-Angela's brand founder.

E-Angela-branded products have integrated the freeze-drying technology into products, enhancing the product's effectiveness and value. Lee Ling-Hui added, "The innovation behind and the effectiveness of the factor allow for the creation of a product with the connotation of luxury without needing to say so - this is also one of E-Angela's core competencies."

For more information about E-Angela-branded products, please visit E-Angela's Sina official micro blog: E-Angela, or call E-Angela's China customer service hotline: 4001-080-686.

* E-Angela is a brand owned by Hong Kong Ling-CH International Co., Ltd.

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Source: Hong Kong Ling-CH International Co., Ltd.