Don’t Turn Your Back on Asthma - Get an Apod(TM)

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LONDON, April 19 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- The asthma inhaler has been transformed. With cool modern colours including two that glow in the dark and a thermo chromic (heat change sensitive) version; children, teenagers and sufferers of all ages now have a clever, stylish choice that also keeps their inhalers clean.

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Apods(TM) can be purchased online at .

The iconic looking Apod(TM) is a new funky clip-on case that encapsulates the ugly old inhaler. The unique design is easy to use, aesthetically pleasing and sits comfortably in your hand. An integral cap that won’t get lost prevents debris/dust from pockets, handbags etc, getting inside the inhaler, keeping what you inhale limited to the medicine.

Ben Oakley Design Limited (BOD), designer of the Apod(TM), created Computer Aided Design drawings with technicians at The Royal College of Art, London.

Our premium Apod(TM) product is UK food standard and toy industry approved. The Apod(TM) is 100% recyclable and manufactured in the UK. B&K Ltd, who are affiliated with Action for Blind People, are packaging this new product. Included within the packaging is the Apod(TM) leaflet which heightens asthma awareness for both sufferers and carers.

BOD commissioned an independent survey from OMD, one of the largest and most influential media communications specialists operating in 80 countries worldwide. Among numerous other findings, nearly half of the survey respondents thought the Apod(TM) would reduce the stigma of using inhalers in public (Summary at ).

We are raising global awareness and plan to donate a percentage of our profits to fund research at selected universities with accredited asthma research departments, such as Imperial College London and University of Pittsburgh, USA.

According to US Census Bureau 2004 extrapolations, the estimated global population of people who are managing asthma at any given time exceeds 374 million. (see asthma facts by country at , click on "asthma info")

Ben Oakley, designer and inventor of the Apod(TM) said:

"This is a fantastic product solution to a brilliant invention. The inhaler has saved thousands of lives; we have now transformed it with a new iconic identity."

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