Evergrande Ocean Flower Island Property Sold for RMB12.205 Billion

2015-12-29 17:17 5607

HONG KONG, Dec. 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Commercial property with the floor space of 1.36 million sqm was sold at the total price of RMB12.205 billion at the Global Opening Ceremony of Hainan Ocean Flower Island Tourism Conference held today. On average, one single apartment was sold with every 3.2 seconds passing, which was eye-popping and miraculously set a sales record for the tourism industry. An original report from Sina Leju follows:

The latest transaction information was scrolling live on the "Double Eleven" screen and the updating sales data shocked everyone on the spot. Three records of "RMB12.205 billion total price, 1.36 million sqm floor space, and 100,000 depositors at the opening" were announced by Michael Vincent Heister, certification officer at the World Record Association, and the certificates for World Records were awarded to Ocean Flower Island Property.

It's customary that Evergrande carried out its strategy of "Discounts At Opening," which means price increases afterwards. He Miaoling, marketing director and vice president of Evergrande, announced "Selling Price Adjustment to Ocean Flower Island Property In the First Half of 2016" which stated that all selling prices will increase by 10% from January 20 to February 29, and a further 5% from March to April and by another 5% from May to June next year.  

The Ocean Flower Island Project developed by Evergrande has been continuously popular and made great impact on the domestic tourism industry since its start-up. "I hope that, as a responsible and prestigious industry leader, Evergrande can make the project more competitive by improving the facilities for education, health care and others, and ensure that it is of high quality in accordance with the relevant policies of Hainan Province," said Liu Xigui, governor of Hainan when he was making an inspection.

"The world sales records set by Ocean Flower Island Property represents the Group's strength and brand effect, which means the success of its orientation and marketing," said Mr. Shawn, president of Ocean Flower Island Property and executive vice president of Evergrande. The popularity of Ocean Flower Island property has shown the world the commercial potential of China's tourism industry and the island's compelling attraction to investors. 

Source: Sina Leju