GlocalMe Eliminates International Data Roaming Charges

2014-05-13 19:40 1707

HONG KONG, May 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- To help international travelers eliminate ridiculous roaming fees and allow them to access the Internet more conveniently, uCloudlink has announced the launch of its device GlocalMe G1 on June 30th to benefit regular travelers with easy-to-use, local Internet data tariffs without typical restrictions around long-term contracts and daily data caps.

GlocalMe is being launched to:

  • No roaming charges; Eliminate up to 98% of international data connectivity costs
  • No contracts; PAYG (pay as you go) or data package can be chosen at any time as you wish.
  • >12 hours battery life; Ready for your full day use.
  • One button operation; Switch it on, that's it.

Take a look at GlocalMe G1 from here:

"Travelers should not need to pay extortionate roaming charges nor apply local SIM cards. They should be able to enjoy international mobile Internet as freely as they do at home. The GlocalMe G1 is a portable 3G Wi-Fi hotspot that allows people to connect to the Internet without roaming. We call it a 3G free roaming hotspot." says Kim Lee, Director of Marketing from uCloudlink. "Right now, GlocalMe G1 allows borderless travelers to enjoy local rates in over 60 countries. By the end of 2014, over 100 countries will be available."

uCloudlink's market research determined, unsurprisingly, that more than 95% of international travelers complain about the high expenses of roaming charges. The average roaming charges is about 0.5~1.0 euro per MB, which means each minute they use the Internet for email, social media and company cloud solutions it will cost them over 1.0 euro. The research identified that regular travelers navigate a broken process by opting to use local SIM cards. They face continual problems of language barriers, inconvenience and contract limits - often using restrictive pre-paid services. Tight travel schedules placed a burden on carrying second phones and selecting the appropriate local SIM cards. For travelers with locked phones, local SIM cards were simply not an option. To add fuel, hotel Internet charges were clearly identified as another means of extorting the visitor.

"If you have a GlocalMe G1 on hand, all of those problems can be avoided. You can access the Internet at any time, no matter where you are and save up to 98% of your total connectivity expenses with the best available coverage quality and superior convenience", says Kim Lee "We're working with customers to create borderless travelers that want seamless access, at a fair price."

To further highlight how GlocalMe G1 is built around traveler's needs - GlocalMe is not only a portable Wi-Fi Hotspot with more than 12 hours working hours, but also doubles as a power bank to charge your data and power hungry mobile devices. This is the result of over three years in research and development by uCloudlink's engineering team.

"We invited over 200 global travelers and international business professionals to try GlocalMe G1 - the reviews and feedback have been excellent", Kim Lee said confidently before adding: "We're now market-ready."

Kim Lee added: "The GlocalMe APP will also be launched on June 30th to help customers easily manage cost and check traffic history. The App will also help you identify all kinds of suitable packages or special offers - even in your home country. This is finally putting travelers in the driver's seat of their telecommunications spend."

For more information about GlocalMe, please visit the official site:

About GlocalMe G1

GlocalMe G1 is the key product of uCloudlink in 2014. uCloudlink has developed the portable global Internet access device in the past three years. And after about one year of testing and updates, the GlocalMe G1 is now ready for mass market. uCloudlink will officially launch GlocalMe G1for enterprise customer on June 30th in Hong Kong.

Contact Information

Marketing Director: Kim Lee
Phone: +852 8191 2660

Source: uCloudlink